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6500 S. New Hope Rd., Belmont, 704/825-4490,

HOURS: Daily 9 A.M.-5 P.M.

COST: $10 adults, $9 seniors (60+), $5 children 4-12 Overview Map

Retired textile executive Daniel Stowe purchased 450 acres of land in 1989 with the intent of developing a world-class botanical garden. The sprawling grounds are divided into nine smaller themed gardens, including the conifer garden, four seasons garden, perennial garden, and the fall-flowering azalea garden. The plantings are formal and accented with fountains and statues. The gardens have continued to be expanded and developed over the past two decades. The newest additions to the gardens are the Willow Maze, a maze of more than 600 dappled willows in the shape of a potted plant that was designed to teach children about the different parts of a plant, and the Orchid Conservatory. The 8,000-square-foot glass conservatory is the only one of its kind in the state that is dedicated to orchids and tropical plants. It houses one of the largest indoor displays of bromeliads in the eastern United States.

16391640 Charles I’s attempts to force the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer upon Scotland in the so-called Bishops’ Wars provoke staunch resistance. Saudi Arabia Metro Map Scottish forces eventually invade northern England and force Charles I to pay an indemnity in exchange for peace. 1640 King Charles I calls the Long Parliament, given its name to distinguish it from the Short Parliament of April and May 1640. Charles I calls both parliaments to help him raise money to put down rebellions by the Scots; the Long Parliament will sit until 1653. 1641 A rebellion in Ireland breaks out in October. Parliament passes the Grand Remonstrance, a list of grievances against Charles I. 1642 Charles I withdraws from London, and the English Civil War begins between royalist and parliamentary forces. 1643 Parliamentary forces make league with Scottish Covenanters against the king. (The Scottish Covenanters were Presbyterians who pledged to maintain their own form of church government and worship.) The French army defeats a Spanish army at the battle of Rocroi, France. 1644 The Battle of Marston Moor in England ends in victory for Parliament.

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