5 Best Travel Destinations To Stretch Your Dollar

5 Best Travel Destinations To Stretch Your Dollar

In 1970, my wife and I evaluated our life – past and going forward in Barbados; felt we needed to seek a better life elsewhere; chose Canada as the new land with golden opportunities; went to Vancouver from which to launch our new life; soon discovered that we needed to try Toronto instead; budgeted our trip back east; but, our budget could only get us to Boston where we arrived with only CAN$100 left to our name.

We immediately went to the nearest Manpower office; and, each secured a US$90 a week job which we took up right away.

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We couch surfed at my wife’s grandmother’s home in Cambridge, a Boston suburb, which saved us the rent and babysitting expense

I soon after secured an additional job through Manpower to set up an accounting system for a small auto mechanic shop which paid US$40 weekly.

This demonstrates that my wife and I had the will; we faced the circumstances we were thrown into bravely; found a way while hundreds of unemployed Americans were protesting in the Boston Gardens about the lack of jobs; and, we managed to save US$1500 in the ten or so weeks that we were there.

The US Immigration had extended our stay to mid-April; so, we planned our trip to Toronto via Buffalo by Greyhound bus; and, were picked up by my wife’s cousin, an older gentleman, at whose nice home in Scarborough, Metro Toronto, we stayed until I got a job; and, we found a nice two bedroom apartment nearby for CAN$150 monthly.

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