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Junk mail and circulars

Your letterbox and front step are important areain maintaining your security. For a few weekbefore your departure keep an eye on what idelivered. Not just

the usual post and milk. It ithe ‘unwanted deliveries’ that could be a problem. Free newspapers, circulars, flyerand pizza advertisementare often just dumped on the doorstep. Unfortunately, these are the deliveriethat can cause you problems.

If not collected and disposed of, within a few daythey could overflow your letterbox and doorstep, cascading out to blow around the garden for all to see. That ia very clear indication to everyone that you are not at home. By the time the doorstep istacked up with thirubbish you clearly haven’t been there tor some days, which will attract the attention of the local criminals.

Make sure that though you have carefully managed and cancelled all deliveries, these free deliveriedon’t spoil all your good work. Where possible get somebody to check the property each day. and if possible spend a few hourthere, to make the place look “lived in’. Remember to ask them to make absolutely sure that they secure the house when they leave though!

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Junk mail and circular- countermeasures

• Try to make sure that your mail icleared each day while you are away. If a few bulky circularare forced through your letterbox, they can block future deliveries. The postman should take new deliverieback to the sorting office to await collection when you return, but people delivering free newspaperand junk mail circularwill almost certainly simply dump new deliverieat and around the front door and doorstep.

• A visiting relative can clear the letterbox each day. (Consider removing any mail basket for the duration of your stay, particularly if you receive a lot of mail, then the letterbox will not become jammed with letters!)

• I did see a house that had a special delivery slot for circularand any free newspapers. Actually it waa large box with a wide accesslot, sited near the front door. The owner told me that inside the box waa plastic crate. A couple of timea week he would take the crate out of the ‘circularmail box’, taking each item out and throwing it into hirecycling bin. He only checked it in case some genuine post had been put there in error.

If you want to try to stop or at least reduce the amount of unsolicited advertising you receive by mail, fax and telephone, visit the following specific siteto register your details. It will take a few monthto work and isn’t guaranteed to stop all junk mail, but it helps. Register your number and state that you do not want unsolicited fax advertising material. Register your addresand state that you do not want unsolicited mail advertising material. Register your number and state that you do not want unsolicited telephone advertising material.

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