Today we are leaving Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia behind as we head into our next destination which is the city of Trencín. Yes we’re headed to Trencín So Trencín is a beautiful medium city of about 56,000 people in Slovakia. First, arriving in Trencín was a little bit of a challenge. Let me explain. Guess what I’m in? A vehicle. Why am I driving in Europe? Because we had to rent a car to get here. Mind you, you can get here by train, but we decided because we are going to be visiting a lot of like exact destinations, like specific houses and places that renting a car was the best option. However, I have never drove anywhere outside of North America. And although this is the same side of the road as North America, the rules are very different.


People are very different around here. Drivers drive freaken crazy. But driving fast is not the issue, changing lanes is not an issue. I’ve done it before, I’m fine with it. Learning road rules, a little bit more different, a little bit more challenging, As you can see, I have glasses on because I do need glasses when I drive, because I can’t read signs, but with glasses I can. Now, it would have not been such a stressful experience if we had a GPS that actually knew what was up. I do not know what is up with this GPS, but it keeps telling us to go on these random loops of places. It doesn’t know where it is going. So a bit of advice: if you don’t want to be super stressed out about life when travelling, have some sort of GPS that knows where it’s going. None of our cell phones right now have data that woks, so we are really just relying ion GPS and a good old fashioned maps. This is a tourist map. If you have ever used a tourist map before, you would know that is more like an approximate estimation of where you are. It is not really like a proper accurate road map. So I am going by these couple of rules: don’t hit people, don’t hit cars don’t get hit by trains and we’ll be good.

And yea, transportation 101 getting to places. Trencín is a cute little old town, but one of the things that you have to do is castles. Now, on the tour in Trencín there is no English guide. It is only in Slovak but if you want to go to the top, if you want to see parts of the castle that is not open to the public without taking the tour. Perfect height. Never in my life have I’ve been a perfect height till this moment. So we ended up taking the Slovak tour and I knew nothing. Regardless, the view from the tower, the view from the top was worth it. This wall is to high. I am to short for this wall. I might be tall enough for the door, but I am to short for this wall. It was 100 per cent worth it. Every castle view is just spectacular, but Trencín castle was just one of cool medieval castles, we could see old bits of moat where it kind of crumbled and fallen apart. So after we left Trencín, we drove to a small village where my dad was actually born in, and my grandpa lived. He built his house there and lived there all his life pretty much, which is really cool to see how different life was back then. Obviously that house is very, very special. So I really hope you all have been enjoying these series. I’ve been posting it daily and yea, give me your feedback. Anyways, I’ll see you all again tomorrow as we head to Czech Republic in my next video of these series. Okay, bye.

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