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Source: A Brief Account of the Causes Have that Retarded Guadalajara Map the Progress of the Colony of Georgia in Country, 1743. In Collections of the Georgia Historical Guadalajara Map Society, Vol. 2 Savannah, 1842, 9294. Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation c. 1744 As a schoolboy of 14, George Washington copied maxims on proper behavior from an early French text Bienseance de la conversation entre les Hommes, prepared in 1595, which had been adapted and translated into English. It is thought that this exercise was a formative influence on Washington, who was known in later life as a gentleman of impeccable manners and rectitude.
It was a beautiful but cool spring evening. We met Jenny Marcus and Lisa Mann, founders of Highland Ghost Hunters, at a local eatery before heading out to Cobblestone Farm. Joining them on this hunt were teammates, Scott and Sue.

Over dinner, the evening’s strategy was discussed. Of course, there was still plenty of time to share other important topics of the day. This led to Jenny telling us about her culinary expertise and how frozen tacos can just explode in a microwave oven for no apparent reason.

After a few laughs and a good dinner, we headed over to Cobblestone Farm. Waiting for us were several welcoming members of the Cobblestone Farm Association, including George Taylor, President; Jane Carr, Vice President; Tracey Miller, Secretary; and Jane’s brother, Ray. After introductions they took us on a tour of the property and shared some of its history.

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