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Hey brussels Hey everyone. So we originally planned to go to clone today. But then we realized that the friend we’re going to stay with is in Africa good planning on my part there. So instead we’re making an emergency stop over in Frankfurt on our way to Munich serving them sending two days in Frankfurt, and we have a 10 o’clock train we need to catch that leaves about an hour. So we’re just going to leave now, and we have also quizzes the morning since I don’t know if I really said it I decide to blow up right like instructions for fun word erotic that’s great with Harley sitting here at the station waiting for a train to leave to go in Frankfurt I think it is around a two-hour train ride see, and it’s gonna be two, and a half, and it’s Petrie if I speed trick go in on the high-speed train to Frankfurt into the friend fair saying sketchy today why did we bring her all righty guys we just got the Frankfurt Germany I swear this is the brightest the Sun has ever been for us arriving in the city. Because whole time in Europe. So it’s good, and we put to hope come on come on Cleo they’re saying a place called Manhattan in the hotel, and it was literally booked at three hours ago literally can’t get some of your broke broken red stuff why did we invite her all her wheels are broken on her bad probably.

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Because your weight is the combined weight of both of ours bags we’ve been traveling for how long, and my bag weighs 16 kilos do you joke you just did do it doesn’t become era okay we’re just gonna just freshen up, and then just go see what -, and French food I have no idea what we are we passed Cologne on the way in yeah we passed polite on the way in I look beautiful on the with salmon are visiting there it looks. So nice. But this place ended up having it not available yeah they won they go yeah, and what’s even nice that was Luxembourg. But next time I really want to go to lots of good eats the hotels were like really expensive for like last night like what is it relates noticed like even this hotel was still like 225, and night for three people though it was three people Oh like $60 each 61 to anyone a maybe 80 each Vinay the licen bird was something like $600 a night yeah like I think it’s achieved place if you booked in advance. Because I seen prices like in three weeks time which were cheap. But that’s what we do that’s right we’re gonna have a Google, and you guys won frankly how is it that we’ve only been in here for half an hour all your fault, and the place is a mess alrighty we are out were you gonna go to a place we googled where we should check out, and the number one place that a lot of us have said is a place called Roma, and it’s like a six six hundred year old medieval town they used to be the town center of Frankfurt back in the old days, and it’s the place the Christmas markets are held which I wish we working it for in Germany doesn’t start one week 28 2018 2 2018 Frankfurt it does anyway, and I would have loved to see it it looks amazing. But we definitely won’t be in Germany for that.

But yeah we’re gonna go check that out up some food we haven’t really eaten, and it’s currently like 3 o’clock, and then I probably by the time that’s all done the sun’s gonna be down looks like some sort of protest is going on at the moment me guys they found cheap makeup he just said it’s just foundational looks like they’ve set up some like local fresh fruit markets just in the middle of the road yeah, and we should come here to get some supplies it’s actually quite cheap here in Frankfurt certainly cheaper than we lost Russell Russell’s yeah a hundred times cheap in an England yeah things when we’ve only ourselves to blame when we’ve only our Blair just arrived in this coma area I always say that right no room room area sorry, and we’ve just come to the bit where they hold the Christmas markets, and the buildings here are so cute look at this isn’t this like a little fairytale dreamland look how cute this is oh yeah there is it’s a cool Church down there, I’ll go check that out after that this is sari cute we just notice that they’re starting to put Christmas lights up in this tree I can kind of show. So they’re in the UM you see the in the crane, and then all the way up there’s all these Christmas lights I don’t think you can really see with the camera, I’m not sure there’s white Christmas lights all over it I wish we could’ve seen this a Christmas time okay why can’t it started earlier. So true look at that, I’m trying to show you guys the Christmas lights, I’m still not sure if it’s picking up. But they’re putting it up very exciting, and Allah oh yeah it’s time to ask four o’clock now, and we were talking, and we’re thinking they’re gonna see a movie. Because we really wanted to see Skyfall picked up in I mean Spectre I had that phone in my head. So we’re gonna go see I think there’s so many of us are gonna check out the time. So, and similar they do it in English oh I didn’t mean about that yeah we’ll see usually if it’s in English they’ll keep English right no notice with subtitles they might dub it never know okay we’ll go check that out as well alright.

So we just went to the cinema just here, and the guy was kind enough to say that that only played in German there. But there is a cinema bar ten minutes away that we put the home of English cinema yeah Oh Oh check that out this is cool I like this open area yeah where are they gonna go suspected of Steve Jobs hmm was this a next Wednesday ah. So close I really want to see Hunger Games on the way to the English cinema we found a castle, and Jess’s – yes it’s happening yes I meant to try the local food guys we love it – March a little bit. So we found out the next showing is in 4 hours time. Because I think they split up the English English, and German English, and German showing. So we’re just gonna head home, and we’ll probably go see it tomorrow, and give up give up messy come on Steve guys we’ve been noticing lately it’s really weird with Stevens computer like it’s been saying that it’s like has no memory even though there’s nothing on the computer it’s so strange. So we’ve just tried to re-install or do just delete everything off the computer yeah this is now the second time this year that I’ve had to wipe my computer.

Because it just gets full Dobby mini files. But there’s never anything there. So he doesn’t store anything on this computer it’s just software then I don’t understand what making it. So full as it’s going over to you this is weird like there’s nothing on his computer I have to wipe it everything like not mine every six months, and you might be you might be exporting a one post, and then it doesn’t work. Because the computer was full. So we’ll leave the like, and leave our hotel put a post on export. So we can put it out for you guys will come back, and it would have not worked.

Because the computers fooled that there’s nothing on it, and it exports to my hard drives. So, I’m not even exporting it to driven laptop at least we put this put a post up yes we did that’s good that is what we are currently doing I just thought up let you guys know that laptops being silly feel like a shower, and wash off I just feel like if we travel I feel really dirty after even though we’re on a train for like three or four hours on his post I feel dirty. But I think from it’s funny I didn’t really know that much about Frankfurt, and then when we went out to see the city it’s really pretty, and I actually think it, I’ll, I’m liking it better than Berlin I know it’s just. So many people say Berlin’s their favorite city in Europe maybe done for us I feel like Berlin was hard to us for us, and then I came to Frankfurt, and like even that little medieval area I was like that is so cute. But maybe that’s our style we like the kind of fairytale looking old cute buildings like that like the rock I found beautiful I think they, and like my favorite cities now oh yeah, and after seeing features a lot some. But I wish we could have gone on nature there’s no schedule.

Because we are now really planning out the rest of November cuz yeah I can’t believe it’s coming to the end of November really like herds it’s really really quick. But yeah we’re gonna show you guys more around Frankfort tomorrow, and we did kind of promise ourselves to go to the cinemas yeah I think we want to go see Specter. So, I’ll go see that, and then also when Hunger Games comes out oh yes, and yes dollars no matter what we’re doing yeah that doesn’t come out to a Christmas time like a couple of weeks before Christmas in teens maybe oh not that long oh like a week before Christmas yeah okay. So I think those are the three movies we want to see in the cinema what are you guys excited for yeah I mean out this year or early next year Oh is there any others that you’re excited for oh is that it I think I can think of yeah that’s it hey yeah yeah I think we’re in the book here just try, and sort out his laptop, and have a shower I was showing someone a blog in German yeah this one I actually like if, I’m doing work in the, I’m doing work I actually like having sound in the background. But it’s good. Because if it’s in German then it’s not distracting me. Because I don’t know what they’re saying.

But I still got that sound in the background, I’ll do that. But um all right. So goodnight guys I will see tomorrow in Frankfort, and then we are off to Munich she’s this mrs. serial the podcast, and she’s like maybe she’s got maybe like one post left. So we’ll let her be all right guys good night.

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