Dealing with Altitude Sickness Peru

Hey guys it is day two here in Cusco, and I think we are officially acclimatized, I’m feeling fine yesterday we were feeling a little out of breath it was we were a little bit nervous about Cusco. Because of the everyone talking about altitude sickness, and everyone does react differently. But just to you guys know like our whole group we were only a little bit out of breath our eyes were a little bit dry last night. But we’ve all broken up feeling fine. So hopefully it stays like this.

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But it wasn’t as scary as I thought I think a lot of people they tell you all the worst that could happen. But we’ve pretty we feel pretty good you feel fine this morning good. But uh we’ll go to the Sacred Valley today this should be good see some Inca ruins we now have new additions to our backpacks little armors or our Packers cute didn’t realize we’re gonna be doing a few stops on the way before we head down to the sacred valley, and we’ve come out to a, and almost christ the redeemer type statue probably half the size, and not even half the size very tiny compared to the other one. But here it is here, and it overlooks cusco it’s beautiful, and then, I’m sure the view point wow this is such a beautiful view you can really just see how goose goes in this like the valley come to another viewpoint here in forest naseeb is just a local family in some lunch. But I think we’re gonna find some inca sites up here. So fascinating walking through these old an old temple to the Southern Cross, and just the carvings is just insane guys we’ve just made it to the sacred valley we’ve come to a viewing point. Because that’s it down there Wow, and we’re gonna be hiking up one of these mountains in a couple of days time yeah.

Because we look down the sacred Valley that just shows how high we need to get guys we’ve just come up to a local community called Amira, and we’re gonna be spending the afternoon here which is absolutely incredible we’ve invited inside we’re gonna have some lunch with them have you dressed up from their traditional dress, and just learn more about their culture this is gonna be a very exciting, and interesting afternoon I love doing the stuff coming into their house for lunch the roof is so small potato always wins , I’m like a really hip up-and-coming. So cute probably has the best beanie yeah let’s try some beanies made right yeah Mama’s how is that one well do you even want do you want like a plain color gonna do in a color I think I want to play another one whoa let’s just try it, and one one with the dangly ears I love how colorful the traditional what’s not even traditional dress they just wear this normally like we thought oh people like a special occasion. But this is everyday Joe my key. So pikey that was such an awesome experience, and we’ve stopped off our road trip to get some road trip snacks as the locals do okay I might skip this one joy you’re a guinea pig how does guinea pig tastes like me see you buddy we’ve just arrived at this old into town, and it is so cute I love this hotel we are completely surrounded by mountains the place is called alliant, and hanbô this is a little room for the night it is so I can not wait you to go, and explore this place for a couple of days cuz by the way guys we are doing that Machu Picchu inca trail hike thing that stops tomorrow, I’m bit nervous is the cutest little thing.

I’m sorry guys we’re just walking around eileen Tambo, and this has got to be the coolest town we’ve walked through input also up here Inca ruins just just there, and then we’re just walking through here I’ve got a stream, and then you just look down these walkways Pizzeria that is a good last meal all righty guys we’ve now come back to our room, and I just had a shower, and I made sure I enjoyed it. Because I don’t think we’re getting a shower for now what three days is it Steve tomorrow we start our hike to Machu Picchu we are very excited a little bit nervous I think we’ll be fine I’ve started to pack what they do is I actually give you these little bags, and you’re only allowed to bring five kilos with you including your sleeping bag. So two kilos two kilos would be the sleeping bag, and the three kilos will be what we want for the next few days. So, I’m working that out now, and I need to make sure how did you forget anything you need to enjoy this bed okay this is gonna be probably the toughest thing we’ve ever done sure like the geckos trip thing said you guys should plan for like three months go on hikes you know eat healthy. But instead, and business-class yeah we are really really ready for this trip. But are you guys he reading this post, and you’ll nervous to do it if we can do it you can do it yeah that’s the biggest thing. But we’ll tell you all about our trail tomorrow, and everything that we’re going to get up to 5 a.m. wake up go.

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