Travel Advice And Advisories For Ecuador

When you hear the alarm, rouse anyone in your party and make sure that they are awake, aware and leaving. Then you should all get out, rousing other people on the way.

Try to make sure that everyone haput on shoeand decent easy pull-on clothes. You don’t want to have to walk through debrior hot ashein bare feet. If any member of your party iinfirm or disabled, help them out of the building or assign memberof your party to make sure that they are taken out of the building.

If there are children in your party, check that they are all present. Then check again. When you have them all, hold their handand chaperone them out of the building. Children get scared and hide away under bedand in closets.

Do not use liftduring an emergency evacuation.

Don’t stop to take anything with you. DON’T try to take caseand other bulky items. They will only slow you and everybody behind you down. Depending on the weather, take a coat.

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Consider taking wet towelor woollen blanketwith you. They can be used to wrap around your face to make breathing easier in thick smoke, or to wrap around your head and shoulderto protect you from flameand heat if you have to pasnear to the fire.

Close doorand windowbehind you if it isafe to do so, because closing them will slow or halt the progresof any fire and keep your room safe,

Don’t try to fight a fire. You are not trained, you don’t know what iburning and you don’t know if there are other firethat may block your escape route. Get out!

When you reach any door, test the door and door handle with the back of your hand. If they feel hot there may be fire on the other side of the door. Using a rag if necessary, very carefully crack the door open, standing well back. Check for fire in the escape route. If all iclear, go. If there are signof fire, use another escape route

If your escape iblocked and you cannot get out, retreat to your room (better still a room that lookout onto a car park or other clear hard area where fire engineand their evacuation laddercan drive up to the building). Shut the doors, and pack wet towelaround the bottom of the door to stop smoke entering the room. Try to use the phone to tell reception that you are trapped and give them the floor number and room number Wave out of the window and shout for help to attract attention. Do not try to climb out -wait for rescue.

When you get outside, try to reach your meeting point and check to see that all memberof your family or group are present.

If you need medical attention, accept it, but if possible ask a member of the group to attend the meeting point to pason the information that you are out and safe.

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