NEW ZEALAND 12 BEST THINGS to Do See Travel Guide

New Zealand holds a place very near.

And dear to my heart as it was where all of my travelling began it was the first ever solo trip. I took and. I moved there in 2010 and.

I traveled all around the island in 2010 11. And 12. I know a lot about New Zealand.

So here are my top 12 things, you need to go see. And do in New Zealand Mount Cook National Park whole chain of islands highest mountains. And longest glacier this place is a world-class spot for mountaineering all types of nature levels will appreciate the just biodiversity the pure beauty of this area it is my number one favorite place in New Zealand around Mount Cook area it is just.

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So darn beautiful like stunning that ingly beautiful the Bay of Islands. So here you’ll find over a hundred. And forty tropical islands which are home to penguin dolphins.

And whales. So, it’s famous for like scuba diving boating. And all of the beautiful beaches, it’s one of New Zealand’s like vacation spots.

So many Aucklanders. And people from all around New Zealand have vacation homes up in the Bay of Islands because it stays the warmness all year round, it’s the warmest part of New Zealand. So that’s where you’ll get all the tropical weather.

And if you are exploring the bay of islands take a day trip up to Cape Reinga it is highly overlooked by most tours because it is a bit out of the way to get there, but it is a stunning part of the island of northernmost part of the island Fox. And or franz josef glacier. So these glaciers span from the top of the southern alps all the way down to near sea level there is a lot of things that, you can do here, you can take a helicopter ride above the beautiful ice field.

So you’ll get like this unique view, you will get anywhere else, you can go ice climbing, you could just do a glacier hike to explore the many crevasses these glaciers there’s a lot of ways that, you can access them. And a lot of things, you can do, it’s super cool white opal. And rotorua.

So all around this area is a hotbed for geothermic activity there’s also a geyser that, you can go explore. And there is the craters of the moon geothermic walk wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland several other spectacular volcanic landscapes all around the area that, you can explore if you you know like volcanic activity Queenstown, this is New Zealand’s adventure capital. And it has something for everybody there is bungy jumping.

I mean like a lot of different types of bungee jumping many different canyons. And bridges, you can jump off of or canyon swing awesome. And if you’re not feeling like jumping off a bridge, you can jump out of a plane because they offer skydiving, this is where.

I went skydiving. And it was a most spectacular area to go skydiving in there is jet boats that, you can take out whitewater rafting that, you can do in the wintertime, you can do downhill skiing it is literally backpack central as there are dozens of backpacker bars. And nightlife galore awesome places to eat really unique.

And funky places to eat plus there are a lot of Lord of the Rings filming locations nearby in Glen Turkey which is also another stunningly beautiful area around Queenstown it is just a cool fun place to hang out. And be not matter slash Hobbiton regardless if you are a Lord of the Rings fan or not however those who are lower the Rings fan, you will appreciate this much more that, you can visit the real-life set of Hobbiton in Matamata because the production company. So the people that sell more the Rings The Hobbit.

And built the set on a farmer’s land. And then he decided to keep the set in one piece. And, it’s open to tours or, you can go explore the little hobbit holes.

And the pub. And, it’s just a really really awesome cool experience that you’re not going to get realistically anywhere else in the world like a real-life movie set that feels like you’re in another world another village. So, it’s consumer cool.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour when I was there. I was there when they were still building up the construction to the new with the new Hobbit movies coming out.

So, it’s a little bit under construction when I was there, but even then it was spectacular, it’s worth the trip to Matamata like if you just go to Madame Atta for that, it’s also where. I got my lord of the ring ring there within Matamata grown a tional park, it’s not only the oldest National Park in New Zealand, but one of the oldest in the world here you’ll also find the tongariro alpine crossing which is one of the most popular day walk in the country where it’ll take, you through Martian terrain.

And some amazing volcanic views like, this is a wicked awesome hike it took about seven eight hours when we did it, but it is worth it worth it kaikoura the charming village of kaikoura is home to some of the most diverse sea life in the country. We’ll reading is one of the most popular activities here, but there’s also a chance, you can see dolphins sea lions the otters. And a whole variety of marine life it is a really cool village.

And very different to other parts of New Zealand Wellington. I love Wellington. I find that it is the perfect size city for me, it’s really easy to get around, you can find great food, you could take a dip in like the City Beach, you do walk along the ocean boardwalk, you can catch a view up the cable car where it is just.

So picturesque there’s beautiful gardens. And all of the city is built up on the hillside. So ever view is a view of the ocean.

And of the bay. And, it’s just ah. I don’t know.

I sure like Wellington. I really enjoyed Wellington white um okay if you’ve never been caving before why total caves are perfect for, you they offer a whole variety of cave options where, you can go tubing, you can go black water rafting where, you like to sit in these black tubes, you can look at glowworms, you can go abseiling which is when you’re rock climbing down waterfalls. And other cliffs or, you can just do regular cave locks either way there’s a lot of different options Avel Tasman National Park just imagine beautiful golden beaches on the world-famous Apple Jasmine coastal track kayakers.

And canoers are in paradise in this southern island gem, it’s a wilderness reserve, it’s very different than any other part of the southern island because, it’s just. So tropical. And the southern island of new zealand is really not topical at all, it’s very temperate, it’s got a lot of temperate climate.

And not some not the tropical beach Iike live at the north eye have see your Glade national park at Milford Sound it is one of the most popular things to see in New Zealand hence why. I left it or left here, you get dramatic landscapes carved out by giant glaciers make this an incredible backdrop for a boat cruise or a hiking trip try. And catch it on a sunny day though because, it’s even more spectacular however though if you do catch it on a rainy day, you get to see the waterfalls of many waterfalls, this is also very special in.

And of itself. So there, you go hope you’ve enjoyed these top 12 things to do in New Zealand if you are looking to go there again. I highly recommend this for beginner travelers people who are just starting out even we’re just starting out on your first solo trip you’ve got other travel before New Zealand is.

So easy to get around. And access. And explore there’s.

So much to see. And do so. I highly highly highly recommend it for beginners.

So don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up. And let me know down below in the comments where else, you would like to see me cover in my next list post plus don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more tips. And travel advice coming right at, you okay books alright see, you guys again soon bye.

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