Oh my god.

I’m just recording that that was vigorous waiting balls ever saw right there oh my god. I’ve never heard thunder this loud guys like right above us Oh beside of my good friend mr. leopard hi wait mr.

leopard say hi he’s not very pleased right now. I don’t think he likes the thunderstorm as well right mr. leopard.


I can’t believe as close to deliberate mind, you there isn’t really sick glass between us. So cool. So cool each home to Oh softball what do, you think Oh chillin chillin as well that’s what, you just chin a beach in ons long using the rate actually you’re in the cover, you are lucky, you from oh my god.

I love cats that is Jaguar. I think. I don’t know they’re.

So good see who’s who Jaguars have black spots. And centers of, you trained up spots. And leopards do not.

So that’s Jaguar no that’s leopard, you guys are some will, you stop ain’t got a lot bigger than oh come on that’s disgusting oh if you ever wanted to see a bat chicopee now, you have. And that’s how they do it hey guys. So.

I’m here on the night safari at the singapore zoo, this is supposedly like unique to singapore zoo there’s no other night sooo pretty much what it is like a night Zeus, it’s got all the nocturnal creatures, it’s pretty awesome. I just took a tour. I tried to get some stuff for, you guys, but my cameras apparently suck at capturing anything in the dark um so.

I’ve no idea with how this footage is gonna turn out let’s just hope for the best all right then these authors on a smaller species of all those in a wall. And right over here that’s Mason with a paper cup. And she’ll sink.

And then the team can be found my good job facial with a paper cups ah. So weird oh and, you live, you be. So totally awesome we’re gonna munch on stuff like school days we’re looking fun, you can fly what’s all that racket that’s why on oh my goodness.

I know. I know, you don’t look very impressed sealer hyenas are a lot bigger than. I thought, you would be there freakishly big.

And he’s staring at me probably cuz. I’m post in myself in the dark in front of a hyena pen yeah white tiger cage oh this seriously you. ?

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