Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Small-Group Tour

I just arrived at the Dachau concentration camp and this behind me is actually the first thing these prisoners would see when they arrived at the camp. This was actually the prototype for all concentration camps. When Hitler assumed power within those first few months, there were at least 70 concentration camps came into existence. Right now it looks so pretty there is these huge trees and it looks very peaceful. But it’s so strange to think that this was the site of thousands and thousands of deaths.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Small-Group Tour Photo Gallery

We’re not actually allowed to post inside these buildings but it’s really disturbing, it’s like these cold dark stone buildings. And this is where hundreds of thousands of these prisoners lived on a daily basis. So these are all the symbols they would wear on their clothing to tell them apart. This person would be Jewish because it has the Jewish star. And each one had a different significance.

Well it’s a very moving tour, extremely thought provoking. Well worth the journey to come out to Dachau. As I’m walking around here I’m just thinking of all the prisoners who came through here. And all of them who were just tortured and you know, just living in these horrible conditions, and it really makes me appreciate just being able to walk around here and just be free.

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