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In some places there are dikes of igneous rock within the Thompson Slate. Dikes form when molten magma intrudes between layers of existing rock. In Minnesota Underfoot, an excellent resource for those interested in Minnesota’s natural history, author Constance Jefferson Sansome writes that after the folding and tilting of the Thompson Slate had occurred, molten material forced its way into cracks in the slate, cooled, and hardened to form dikes. One such dike is visible from the swinging bridge. It runs from the north end of the bridge in a southwesterly direction across the river channel and ends east of the nearby island.

If you look closely enough, you can see rain prints, mud cracks, and ripple marks in the slate that were present in the sediment layers just before more layers of sediment covered them and they were transformed into shale. The ripple marks show up as elongated dimples. You can see them on the west side of the bridge at its north end.

The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Best US getaways and all of Latin America were colonies at one time. A lack of political stability and economic Best US getaways development must be explained in some way other than former colonial status. The answer lies in cultural knowledge and experience, both of which develop slowly over decades, if not centuries. At the time of independence, and even today, Haitians had little experience in democratic self-governing. As a result, their economy remains stagnant. TWO CENTURIES OF FRUSTRATION By the time Haiti became independent in 1804, nearly all the foundation blocks upon which the country’s future was built were in place.

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