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Webcam cache At webcam caches there are no log sheets or books. When a geocacher finds a webcam cache they phone a friend to log on to the relevant webcam website and get them to take a picture of them standing in front of the camera, proving they found the cache. In London, the Metropolitan Police know webcam caches as CCTV.

Hikers who spot a furtive geocacher surreptitiously hiding a cache should smile and shout: ‘Don’t worry: I won’t claim FTF status!’ Using this term (First to Find) demonstrates you’re in the know about geocaching and will not call the bomb squad as one ignorant, geo-muggle did in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

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Unfortunately for that geocacher, after the police sealed off the street, a unit of the Royal Logistic Corps from Catterick Garrison wheeled out its robot to initiate a controlled explosion. Instead of being in one location, the geocache was now in hundreds of tiny pieces, scattered across the entire street. Had each piece been left where it was, its coordinates could have been taken to create what’s known as a multi-cache geocache. This enables geocachers to follow a trail of coordinates, each offering a clue to the next location, eventually revealing a grand cache.

Some may be forgiven for thinking that all of hiking’s effects on health are beneficial. While the overall effect is good, the maxim ‘no pain – no gain’ will come to mind. So prepare yourself for the pain.

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