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Hello, and welcome to our oh my gosh, this is our first stop here in Fiji, Cloud 9. Basically it is a floating pontoon bar, as you can see around me Today we are going to sit here and enjoy a drink, get over our jet-lag. Its going to be amazing I am so excited for this I am not going to lie. This is probably the bluest water I’ve ever seen in my life. Take a look at that and its absolutely incredible.

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What a way to kick start our Fiji trip Alright, so right now we are currently on route to our next island. We are taking high speed catamaran to Vomo Island for our Vomo Island resort time. Come into our Villa on Vomo Island Resort. Come So I am going to give you a tour of our villa that we are staying here on Vomo Island. Lets go. Ignore the stuff.that is our stuff.but, this is our bedroom with our beds. This is the mirror hallway Look at these lovely flowers everywhere, literally everywhere. See. oh my goodness I feel like this is NOT what you are supposed to do So we are just on our boat to go on our snorkel adventure. The water looks amazing. I have no doubt that we are going to see lots of exciting fish So right now we are just having dinner here at the restaurant.

I got a salmon and scallop dish and everyone has the same except Ali, she has veal It looks delicious. I’m sorry So this morning, we are hiking up to Mount Vomo It is I think that’s it.its like a volcanic mountain oh, the flowers ended. I wanted to point out that we were following this bush path of flowers they planted for us. This is the top of Mount Vomo. We made it and now we have a view of the entire, well, most of the island. There is some more island over there, but this is the majority of it and the resort. Oh my gosh How spectacular is that. Totally worth the 7:30am hike up the mountain. Yes. That was amazing. Bye.

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