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The rock is the big island in the lake. I Mianyang Map was in my canoe paddling toward the western end of the lake, back on the course Mianyang Map I had proposed for myself before being persuaded over the Tibetan border by Wang. According to Ella Maillart, who was here in 1935 with Peter Fleming, the waters of Qinghai Lake are sacred and no boat had ever tried to navigate on it. On a headland at the western end there is a nesting ground for wild geese and gulls. The birds sat in flocks on the ground and only moved away when I walked across. It was amazing the number of nests scattered underfoot and almost invisibly camouflaged.

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Morton reinforces the strangeness of his work when he writes:

Hotel’ continues the development of what amounts to a parallel built universe that I have been constructing alongside the real world for a number of years. In this world things appear in unlikely contexts in oddly de-scaled and altered form, as if they have been pushed down a portal from the recent past and popped out mistakenly in this time and place. Hotel’ appears as a piece of roadside architecture, only there are no other buildings for miles and you can’t get in.

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