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Barcelona – Flamenco Night at Tablao Cordobes

ASHA: Flamenco is Spain they don’t do this dance anywhere else and tonight, I get to see this amazing dance in person. Let’s go! I am really excited, we’re in this small little room, it’s a very intimate little setting, the stage is right in front of us three rows up and this is where the dancers will be. I’m very very excited about this, there are no bad seats here I mean you feel like you’re in this just tiny little intimate space. Their feet are just stomping it’s almost like percussion going along with the musicians and the singers and it’s just so fast this fancy footwork going along with these fancy dresses. The men and women are kind of interacting together, there’s interaction between the musicians and the dancers and they’re creating this entire like community on the stage. I was completely drawn in by their passion their intensity and I’m Wow, that was one of the best live shows I have ever seen in my entire life! I was completely drawn in by their passion, their intensity, and I’m getting goosebumps reading them.

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Barcelona Tapas Walking Tour

Hi, If you’re planning a visit to Barcelona, you probably already have Spain’s famous tapas cuisine in mind, so travel has a suggestion for you. A tapas walking tour that takes you through the Gothic Quarter, and combines stops at some tapas bars with an education on Barcelona and its history and why tapas cuisine is such a key part of this great city. The tour groups are generally quite small, just three on my tour. You meet your guide on the famous Ramblas, and from there wend your way across the Gothic Quarter into the area known as the Born. Along the way, there’s a lot of looking into shop windows and stopping outside bars. It’s a good idea to bring a notebook. Otherwise you’ll never remember all the little shops and bars that you want to go back to. The tour itself stops at two or three bars. The idea with tapas is to stretch it out so you can continue afterwards, armed with all your newly learned experience in what’s best on the tapas menu. There’s also a stop at an excellent wine shop for a quick lecture on Spanish wine, which we really enjoyed.

If it’s open, the tour also stops a few minutes inside the grounds of Barcelona Cathedral, where a flock of 13 geese are kept in memory of the cathedral’s patron saint. And you can light a candle if you’ve got something to pray for. These people out on the streets aren’t tourists, they’re mainly locals. The people of Barcelona love to walk around their city. And you’ll understand why pretty quickly. It really is a beautiful place. Anyway, whether you’re keen to learn more about Barcelona, or just love good food and want to get the most from your trip to the tapas bars, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough. It runs three days a week and is always popular, especially in the high season. So do organize it in advance, because you may find it sold out if you wait until you arrive to make your booking. You can find this tour and lots of other great Barcelona tours on Thanks for reading.

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