LOST in the OUTBACK Uluru Australia

Good sorry now, it’s like 5:30 is it ready we got up here about 3:30 while.

I was everything dirty basically because we see sunrise 3 epic even though the sun’s coming there so. I think we’re just gonna see the Sun gone to the shadows we rock you’re so bad right now well Sun is disappeared behind the cloud skin, but we did have it for jump a little bit od hey don’t, you join us on ride beautiful beautiful hydra-matic all the clouds dude man g’day sam reny very thank you.

LOST in the OUTBACK Uluru Australia Photo Gallery

So right now we are just starting our m’gosh slice everywhere like, this is what a horse feels like walk around the base of guru it is a 10 kilometer walk, it’s good took us about two. And a half hours my gosh, it’s all tricked into can do gorge, it’s filled with water right now because of all the rain elec are friendly fly army is back yeah. I hope, you guys are just gonna get used to this hey wasting your boat wait got our hike um cuz.

I kind of messed up. I thought we were like only a quarter way left because we went through this sacred part of guru it’sit’s like a sticker. So kind of it, you weren’t allowed to film we’re taking photos of it.

So unfortunately. I can’t show, you that now we’re walking. So parts, you can take photos in film.

And um yes wats flies the sun’s come out. So, it’s going to get really really hot cuz luckily it was shady earlier right decent temperature, but for sure, it’s going to get up to 40 degrees. And the next hour that we have left one another’s rock formation another hike, this is everyday.

And now back this one is called kata Tjuta it is made of 36 some amount that, you see there instead of the one that one that yeah good heads too small get a bigger head. I know right guys hope you’re enjoying the Outback, you having fun. So broadly outback yeah God also cheese to the rest of the trip we hope, you have great time.

And cheese too more fun time you. ?

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