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1.3 The trail skirts the edge of a large clearing with a beaver pond and ascends a ridge passing very large boulders and tall white and red pines. Jack pine and oak begin to dominate the forest as the trail reaches the ridge top.

1.9 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike.

Bear left on the trail to Astrid Lake passing the trail to the right. Cairns mark the way over occasional rock outcroppings.

2.3 Cross a small stream and come to a pond where the trail continues briefly along a rock outcropping at the water’s edge before veering into the woods once again.

2.7 The trail crosses an area of fire-scarred tree stumps and snags scattered amongst jack and red pines, and an occasional white pine.

3.0 Trail intersection at Astrid Lake; turn right passing the trail to the left.

3.2 A spur trail to the left leads to a campsite on Astrid Lake (48° 6′ 44.3″ N 92° 19′ 30.4″ W). Beyond the spur, the trail approaches the lake shore before veering away again and passing some large red and white pines, some with fire scars on their trunks.

3.5 Trail intersection with the Lake Pauline-Nigh Lake Loop; continue straight ahead to hike this loop, or turn right to skip it for the shorter 6.4 mile option. The directions that follow are for the 7.3 mile circuit hike. Otherwise, jump to mile 4.6.

3.9 Cross a stream flowing west to Pauline Lake.

4.0 Reach the campsite on Pauline Lake (48° 7 20.3″ N 92° 19′ 28.1″ W). In 85 feet, come to an intersection with the portage trail to Nigh Lake; turn right on the portage.

Brent then asks the Assembly for two votes, since she is both a landowner and Lord Baltimore’s designated representative, but the Assembly refuses. Best US vacation destinations It was not unusual at the time for women to serve as their own attorneys and to serve as proxy voters for men, usually their husbands, who might have to be absent; likewise, it was normal for male property owners to have a vote. Brent is interesting because she represents all of these categories at once, but she is not given even one vote. She is also an example of the importance of class distinctions, since she does not seek voting rights for all women but rather for herself as a female member of a class that generally already has such privileges. In response to the Assembly’s rejection, Brent moves to Virginia in 1650. 1649 The Maryland Toleration Act allows Christians of any sect to live and speak according to their convictions. The act uses some of the earliest genderneutral language, referring to person or persons and saying his or her religion and his or her consent. Massachusetts law considers midwives, physicians, and surgeons to have equal legal standing.

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