Hey everyone morning we’re at the Kenai Fjords National Park, and we’re gonna be doing the ice Harding hike wait I think, I’m remembering it up to exit glacier it is what day nine I think yeah day nine, and it’s beautiful weather I think it was good that we got the rain out of the way at the beginning. Because now it’s just blue skies well fingers crossed we still got a few more days here we’re here, and we’re gonna hide all the way to then how many miles 3.9 is an elevation of 3400 here’s the exit glacier we’ll be walking past along the way, and then we’re going to be walking up to the Harding Icefield. So this is telling us what happens it feels like a bear. So if you see a bear the bear charges, and if a bear attacks if it starts to eat you fight back these markers along the way, and this is telling us where the glacier used to be. So in 1917 the glacier was here, and then we’re about to walk all the way like you can’t even see the glacier now yeah every time we see a marker it’s gonna show that’s where the glacier was that time guys I feel like we’ve just walked into autumn that’s really nice we’re really experienced autumn in Australia it’s kind of just too weathers for us it’s winter, and summer we didn’t get like the leaves turning yellow, and we’ll fly it fully on the floor really mmm it’s really pretty coming through here it looks like it’s kind of just hit Alaska full very pretty how’s the team gone.


So we’re getting up higher after the mountain I don’t even know if we’ve hit a mile get is a 3.9 mile high. But the sceneries changed again nice looks like we’re in the hills of Switzerland or something like the hills sound of music or something terms of variety this hike has it. But autumn had some nice rain forests now in Switzerland, and the piece is still beautiful. So we’re about two, and a half miles up, and we have reached the Harding Icefield all right I think we’re near the end how’s everyone doing like three, and a half miles now a mere 400 feet dear maybe it’s a challenging hike. But the payoff is amazing just saw some snow just casually just before. So we are we are getting there yeah we’re like getting right close to the ice field.

So pretty I have never seen anything like this, I’m so glad it’s such a blue day yes when we went on glacier hiking it was such a rainy day you know he doesn’t look as incredible when you’ve got the blue sky, and this is like beautiful beautiful I wish we could hike on this one icepick climb all right let’s see how cold this water is my guess is very cold oh that’s so nice how’s everyone feeling at the top hey we made it whoo we’re always. So tired that we all decided to have a nothing now yeah have a little sleep had some lunch, and now we’re gonna start heading all the way back down well that hike was so worth it’s so beautiful so much variety I can that was the nicest hike we’ve done. So far yeah oh it’s cold guys this is so incredible I can’t believe we’re on top of the mountain with these amazing views, and it’s a Monday like if it stays like this, and really make you appreciate what it’s so so pretty I love this view Gore just. So pretty guys we’ve just found I they’re up in the mountain goats it’s so close back into the jungle we did it though. So cool let’s go get a self nice cold coke to celebrate what are you cooking.

Because the Beast is kidding looks like I’ve been crying all this smoke within my eyes, I’m learning German we like the banana chocolate so much this time we’re trying it with terrible, and chocolate gonna do it with caramel mate, I’m gonna stick it on the barbie, and watch it go all gooey let’s sing songs about bananas yes all right guys tomorrow we are leaving to a new place to Homer on the beach we have to end it tomorrow we are going to Homer for two nights say good night.

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