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345 N. College St., #211, 704/333-9755, www.lightfactory. org

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9 A.M.-6 P.M., Sun. 1-6 P.M.

COST: Free

The Light Factory got its start in 1972 as the 25-member Photographers Cooperative, with an original mission to create an avenue for photographers to share their work. It continued to grow, and in 1973 The Light Factory was formed as a nonprofit organization dedicated to showcasing photography, film, and other lightgenerated mediums. The museum focuses on contemporary works from photographers, artists, and filmmakers from around the country. Factory Films is the on-site cinema that shows independent films.

Rights and Privileges of Patroons (1629) The Charter of Jersey City Map Tourist Attractions Freedoms and Exemptions for New Netherland was granted by the Dutch West India Company on June 7, Jersey City Map Tourist Attractions 1629. It provided for the perpetual proprietorship of vast estates, called patroonships, to those members of the company founding settlements of fifty or more persons on land purchased from the Indians. In return for a pledge of loyalty to the company, patroons were given complete jurisdiction over their territory. Under the terms of this charter, a handful of patroons quickly took control of most of the Hudson River Valley, the choicest portion of New Netherland. Disputes within the company and difficulty with the native peoples doomed the system, however, so that by 1680 only two of the original grants remained in force. The colony itself had already fallen under British control in 1664.

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