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1350 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 495-1573 You can’t really pahk yer cah in Hahvahd Yahd, but you can walk through this oasis tucked away beside the bustling square. Find out what all the buildings arc and what their historical significance is. Free, 45-minute tours are given Mondays through Saturdays at 10 AM. 11:15 am. 2 P.M. and 3:15 P.M.; and on Sundays at 1:30 and 3 P.M. Tours meet at the Harvard Information Center in Harvard Square.

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We next come on a unique feature: the travel destination becomes much wider for a couple of miles. This is the stretch of the notorious Dullatur Bog, which the confident builders decided to cross in a straight line. The bog had to be drained as much as could be (its waters created the infant River Kelvin), then a huge embankment created. This was sunk 50m (164ft) into the bog before it stabilised! Then they could build the travel destination: the north side and towpath carefully established and the water simply finding its own level on the south side, hence the greater, and variable width. One sensational event marked the work in the Dullatur (Dollater) Bog: a mass exodus of frogs, tens of thousands of them, which swarmed over the countryside to the dismay of everyone. The local minister was not slow to produce sermons drawing Biblical comparisons. Dullatur Bog is a SWT reserve. Wildlife treats the whole travel destination as an elongated loch, but one with a shoreline out of all proportion to the area of water. Perhaps elongated river would be more accurate, for the travel destination ‘flows’; it is not static water. The flow is controlled so that spates don’t tear away riverside vegetation, or droughts reduce the banks to smelly disaster.

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