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No matter if you are wading a river or trolling from a boat on a lake or bay, you need to be prepared for foul weather. Even in summer, temperatures can drop to the point that you will be uncomfortable without a jacket or sweater. A poncho or waterproof windbreaker is standard fare for all Maine anglers. The author takes a Gore-Tex lined windbreaker on all fishing trips. Gore-Tex allows the garment to shed external water while allowing inside moisture from perspiration to escape, thus keeping you truly dry.

Early spring fishing can seem colder than a day spent on the ice. Temperatures of 45 to 50 degrees, coupled with drizzle and a strong wind, can reduce an angler to a shivering hulk. Even your fingers can become numb, if exposed to wind and rain. Make it a point to bring along several pairs of cotton gloves. Flexible rubber gloves will keep your hands dry and therefore warm.

A wool jacket or overcoat can be a welcome item when a cold spray is flying from the tips of curling waves. Wool has the ability to absorb water and yet remain warm.

If you fish from a boat, footwear selection is not too important, as long as you have nonslip soles. If your destination is a remote area, a comfortable pair of hiking boots is recommended.

A baseball-type cap is another valuable addition to the Maine angler’s wardrobe. The visor helps to shade your face from the sun’s rays, and deerflies are prevented from biting you on the scalp. A pair of polarized sunglasses will round out your outfit. Polarized glasses will help protect your eyes, as well as enable you to see beneath the surface glare.

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