Museo Historico de Artilleria

Though just about every museum has a handful of weapons on display, those with a particular interest in military history will find this Army Artillery headquarters’ large collection well worth visiting. The old stables have been repurposed to showcase weaponry from every period of Paraguay’s history. The cannon collection includes colonial era cannons that were used to surround the Spanish Governor’s home before Paraguay declared independence. A cannon made out of bronze church bells from the church of Caacupe can also be seen here. Fittingly, the artillery’s chapel has a sculpture of Santa Barbara, patron saint of artillery weapons, complete with a mini-cannon at her feet. Tel: 0531 32203, just outside town on the road to Piribebuy, permission to visit the museum must be requested at the guard post, Mon-Fri 7am-11am, 2pm-5pm Food

Fruteria Paraguari This popular eatery two kilometers before the center of town started off as a small fruit stand and has now expanded into a multi-functional pit-stop. The large restaurant has a decent buffet, mouth watering desserts and fruit salad. Their signature dish, a refreshing fruit salad with papaya, pear, and pineapple can be purchased to-go, as can their fresh juices. Empanadas, chipa and sandwiches are also available for purchase. The well-stocked general store next door has a good variety of fruits as well as useful items like thermoses and hats. The other major attraction of the Fruteria Paraguari are the clean bathrooms – the establishment has won the Tourism Ministry’s Cleanest Bathrooms on the Road prize multiple times. Tel: 0531 432 406, km 61.5 about two km before the entrance to town (from Asuncion). Daily from 6am-12am, Gs. 4,000-20,000

Chiperia El Gordo Located on both sides of Route 1, the Chiperia El Gordo stand sells the softest, cheesiest chipa in Paraguay. Using the same recipe as their home base in Coronel Bogado (further down Route 1 towards Encarnacion) El Gordo’s chipas are oval shaped and stamped El Gordo, ” like a chipa and gold ingot. Km 61.5 just before the Fruteria Paraguari. Gs 1,000-5,000

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