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It was decided, since everyone was here and cameras were set, the group might as well run another investigation. This time, we were all on our own to investigate, no formal direction.

Earlier, Wendi had informed us that a few strange things had been going on in the Ladies Room. There was a recent report of a woman claiming to hear footsteps and the sound of a stall door, next to hers, close and latch. She didn’t think much of it believing another lady was using the facility. When she got out, she was surprised that no one else was around.

Based on that, I decided to check it out. With video camera and audio recorder in hand I entered The Whiting Ladies Room.

What can I say about the Ladies Room? It’s a very nice one. Clean, sparkling and in no way creepy. I walked into the center stall, the location where the woman had heard the footsteps, and closed the door. Feeling a little ridiculous, I stood there for some time in silence. I threw out an occasional invitation for someone to join me in the bathroom. No takers. Checking the EMF meter, I was surprised to see it reading more than 5.0. This certainly exceeded normal readings, which should be somewhere under 1.0.
Plantations were a European idea, not African. Even today Milan Map Tourist Attractions , Haiti is a very minor producer of plantation crops. Major Influences Many factors influence the kind Milan Map Tourist Attractions of weather and climate a location will experience. Five, in particular, stand out in regard to tropical lands, including Haiti: latitude, elevation, proximity to a large body of water, prevailing winds, and storms. Latitude Nearly all of Haiti falls between latitudes 18° and 20° north. This places the country squarely at the northern edge of the American tropics.

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