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Pam Family Tomb From Curitiba

Little is known about the extended Pam family (the tomb is occupied by people with the surname of Pam and Herczka) but much is known about the sculptor Paul-Albert Bartholome (1848-1928), who most famously sculpted the fantastically funerary sculpture aux Morts at Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. The Pam tomb design has been attributed to architect Jean-Camille Formige (1845-1926), who designed a number of large buildings including the crematory and columbarium at Pere-Lachaise. Bartholome’s flying angel was reportedly exhibited at Le Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts 1902.

When Whitefield ended his first extended tour of the colonies in 1741 and departed for England, he left behind settlements rejuvenated with holy devotion. Curitiba Subway Map Whitefield and other itinerant ministers, such as Gilbert Tennent and James Davenport, helped to maintain a spiritual movement that would soon become known as the Great Awakening. Whitefield carried his message to Country a total of seven times in his life. It was in 1770, on the last of these journeys, that the great missionary passed from the world, having delivered 18,000 sermons that touched the lives of millions of listeners. Andrew C. Lannen See also: Great Awakening; Ministers and the Ministry; Religion (Chronology); Religion (Essay); Sermons; Document: On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield (1770).

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