Crazy Street Food in Beijing

Hello guys in this post today you’re gonna see a little bit of Beijing, and a lot of food right there we have been in the travel together we’re gonna be like roomies Shenzhen Airport is gorgeous it has this very glamorous futuristic. So that the crane is gonna come back I don’t wanna sit gonna I don’t wanna see those wake up Oh. So the trains gonna come back I don’t wanna see it goes is today ATT grants wishes about their archives don’t ever think we’ve gotten into Beijing finally we’re just gonna go rich sleep well I have a lot of editing to do actually for my last majo post, and then, I’ll go to sleep hopefully at some point.

Crazy Street Food in Beijing Photo Gallery

So that we can get up early tomorrow, and go exploring Beijing right coffee early, I’m not getting up at 5:00 a.m. your times it’s not me okay, I’ll sleep in till like 6:00 do you want another repeats about 9:00 in the morning. But I’ve been up since before for going out a bit like 3:45, and I was also up last night until after 1:00. So I didn’t get much sleep, and that is. Because I was editing a post excited about going, and exploring Beijing today with Poppy off for her first day of Beijing exploring it is raining out to come to a temple to explore little bit of an inside see me the greenery is drowning out the white like the figment of the imagination color that provided such a peaceful feeling in here it keeps going on, and on for. So long we’ll walk through a temple, and then out the back entrance you come into another of these courtyards, and there’s more temples, and then you go through another one same thing really glad that we came here, and it was only 25 RMB to get in which is about three dollars now had an awesome time there definitely recommend this place, I’ll put the name right here just.

So beautiful. So now we are going to try, and find some food javi, and I have just come to a Chinese restaurant and. So we can just hold off whatever they happen to bring us oh my god , and I have braved the rain, and come out again to dinner we are going to try Peking duck for the first time hope you know all this food here I think we might have gotten too much beers. But imagination provide a ventilation motivation take entire Nations tell them right there that’s the scorpions right there I don’t know if, I’m ready are you guys ready your pian , and that’s my biggest fear you want to try pork rinds that’s a big thing of chips if they’d like real potato chip not like fried potato you know what, I’m saying like not skewered potatoes it’s really good it’s super super busy, and crowded with people. So the first thing I tried was this me think, I’m feeling a little more adventurous these are grasshoppers he’s just winning or something it’s fine, I’m going to say are you gonna eat this part right here oh yeah that sounds terrible you want you want to five will you try that does not look appetizing papi you’re fit. So bad at this now this street coffee is busy like messing with this thing, and ruining everything she is literally hitting people off the top of your head with an ax, and she will not stop papi no you’re just bad at it accept it she’s hopeless, I’m buying this, I’m buying this you need a lot of practice things better the woman this old puppy does uh whatever they are oh she invited us up to the top of the rooftop of her shop, and in overlooks a street which is awesome. Because the street as you can see is warming with tourists, and no tourists are allowed up here.

So we’re just hanging out on her roof. So nice she’s giving papi a little training which she needs , and find a snack, and we saw this across the street we had to come in here there are all of these people that are dancing everybody’s just dancing there’s more this way I don’t know what this is. But pretty hot like dancing for fun. So the reason that we’re in Beijing actually here to do a little bit of a post project which should be really cool, and we’re just helping this school out with that that they can give to their future teachers that come, and work here they actually have like a TV studio, and they have football teams, and they teach English through like all these really super creative ways we were able to tour their company, and go on the green screen, and watch the Merciless TV show poppy, and I are experimenting with the green screen here yeah they have like this virtual reality teaching kind of like their version of Blue’s Clues it’s learning a twitch through a TV show that they’re producing we got to go check it out. So it’s just been a lot of fun doing this building project, and get to see Beijing as well on our off time let’s go.

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