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PETS and VETS. If you are coming from abroad, don’t bring Fido along. Laws in Great Britain, Eire, Australia and New Zealand are so strict that taking your pet back home may be very difficult or even impossible (as in Australia).

Out-of-state visitors should make sure that their hotel allows animals. New York City requires all dogs to be on a leash; they aren’t admitted in restaurants or food shops.

There are many veterinarians in New York. A list can be found in the Yellow Pages. The Animal Medical Center at 510 East 62nd Street (tel. 838-8100) provides 24-hour emergency service.
PHOTOGRAPHY. There is no shortage of shops selling film and photographic equipment. The following chart gives typical prices for some of the more common types of film:

black-and-white (36 exp.) S 2.00 $ 11

colour prints (20 exp.) 2.00 10

colour slides (20 exp.) 2.50 3

Super-8 movie film 4.00 4

Try to buy in discount stores prices are much lower. Besides the International Center of Photography. Fifth Avenue and 94th Street (tel. 860-1777), Kodak has an amateur photo information center with (Avenue of the Americas and 43rd Street) experts on hand to answer questions (free).

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