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Who You Could See Celebrity-Spotting In Marbella?

A resort renowned for its luxury, glamour and prestigious facilities, Marbella is the undoubted playground of the rich and famous.

A unique location where everyday holidaymakers can rub shoulders with billionaires, it’s impossible to miss the exquisite yachts moored in the harbour or the designer boutiques lining the streets.

If you holiday in Marbella, you could well return home with a bag full of celebrity sightings to share with your family and friends.

Here’s a look at the popularity of Marbella, and just what celebrities you could bump into during your stay.

Historical glamour

The resort of Marbella wasn’t anything spectacular until the 1950s when Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe snapped up some of the prime waterfront land and started to create a resort which would go on to explode in popularity.

Despite its modern construction, much of Marbella has been designed to look just like the more traditional parts of the town. Puerto Banos is a great example of this, being created in the 1970s but having the appearance of a much older Andalucian town, complete with cobbles.

This appeal was instantly attractive to the rich and famous, drawing A-list celebrities to its shores almost as soon as it opened.

Grace Kelly, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn are some of the stars who were instantly drawn to Marbella when they graced the silver screen, being snapped at Marbella Club Hotel, the original accommodation on the site.

In the decades to come, Princess Diana would buy a villa in Marbella too.

Sean Connery was not just a visitor but a home-owner in the town, where fellow stars such as Michael Caine, Omar Sharif, Richard Burton and George Best stayed at Casa Malibu in the two decades he was there.

The harbour

If you want to improve your chances of spotting a millionaire or a celebrity, heading down to the harbour is a smart move.

Not only will you find a string of trendy bars and boutiques lining the streets, you’ll also be able to admire the luxury yachts moored in the harbour.

The wealthy often chose to reach Marbella via water and the harbour is typically crammed with luxury boats of all sizes, with the rich and famous casually strolling around.

One very famous story tells how Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club, once was unable to moor his yacht in the harbour because it was too big! Because of its sheer size, he was forced to anchor further out and reach the shore by alternative means.

Modern stars

Marbella remains as much a draw for modern celebrities today that it’s always been and celebrities and millionaires from all over the world visit the beachside location to relax.

Sting and Rod Stewart are two musicians who regularly stay in Marbella, whilst Alan Sugar and Karren Brady frequently haunt top restaurant Villa Tiberio.

Eva Longoria has been spotted at the annual Starlite charity event which takes place, hosted by Antonio Banderas who, being born in Malaga is almost a native to the area.

In 2011, the First Lady, Michelle Obama and one of her daughters enjoyed a stay in Marbella – along with 68 Secret Service employees! – And was snapped out shopping in the local boutiques as well as enjoying some of the local cuisine.

Finally, for fans of the phenomenon known as TOWIE – The Only Way Is Essex – news that the cast like to hit the Marbella shores is certain to clinch the deal. The entire cast have visited the party location in recent years, being seen at some of the top joints such as Pangea and TIBU.


Marbella is one of the most prestigious locations in the world, offering everything from all-night partying, exclusive boutique shopping, exquisite restaurants and immaculate beaches. You can either opt to stay in the part of town which provides the all-night entertainment, or in one of the more tranquil suburbs if you prefer peace and quiet.

Whatever your preferences, visiting Marbella is bound to not only ensure that you have the time of your life, but also that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with celebrities and millionaires, wherever you go.

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