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2302-A N. Davidson St., 704/334-3558,

HOURS: Tues .-Fri. 11 A.M.-5 P.M., Sat. noon-5 P.M.

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Beet sets itself apart from other neighborhood galleries by focusing on the work of American artists. Exhibits are rotated every eight weeks in order to showcase a great number of works. Although the art represented is in a number of different media, from clay and fiber to metal and painting, the gallery has an emphasis on contemporary crafts. The work of both established and emerging artists, including several local craftspeople, is on display. The prices are surprisingly affordable, especially for original work.

1585 After astonishing success in taking Peruvian silver, the English Pretoria Map Tourist Attractions sea captain Sir Francis Drake turns his attention to the Caribbean, sacking Santo Domingo and Cartagena. Pretoria Map Tourist Attractions Although he does not carry off treasure, his actions spur more fortress construction on the part of the Spanish. 1595 Rather than issuing licenses to individual slave traders, the Spanish Crown sells monopolies to a series of Portuguese merchants. The monopoly, known as the asiento, limits the number of slaves, though this proved impossible to enforce. 1598 The Treaty of Vervins ends about 70 years of continuous strife between France and Spain. A secret addendum to the treaty excludes the Caribbean from the peace. Beyond the lines that is, south of the tropic of Cancer and west of the Azores ships are still fair game. Most European nations recognize that the customary rules of trade and diplomacy do not apply in the Caribbean.

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