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This is the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen look guys Hey it is day three in Fort Myers Florida. So today we are going in search of manatees in their natural habitat, and Captiva on Sanibel Island and, I’m so excited I haven’t seen manatees since I was a little little kid I will put a picture in the post. Because I realized that a lot of people that don’t live in the United States actually I’ve never heard of a manatee, and don’t know what it is so people call them the cows of the sea, and you’ll see why they’re just these ground floating huge sea cows basically. So we’re gonna try, and go find out the stories that we someone’s where to. So beautiful the water is so warm, and clear, and you can’t see it on the post. But you can see actually out there big schools of fish. Because their dark spots, and then they’re jumping up in the water, and then big Fisher look don’t eat them oh my god we just saw me to see like out there we just saw his nose come up we didn’t see all of him. So we saw this big line of bubbles, and then we saw his nose come up she’s seeing them really close before. So yeah I’ve got up any one before, and I saw his eyes, and his little mouth he’s really cute. So cool we just saw dolphins it’s the first time that I saw dolphins ever in the wild this is so cool.

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So we got to the rocks where the manatees usually are, and they’re not any manatees here right now maybe they’ll come soon I hope. So. But for now it’s really cool just climbing on these rocks, and my dad is snorkeling says he sees a lot of really big fish out there. So amazing one of the best experiences of my life I think we’re on my trip I don’t know I’ve never seen that many fish it’s just indescribable there’s so so many. So I’d be swimming through the water, and the sunlight is coming down through the water like it seems of light like you would see in a movie or the avatar or something, and then there’s so many fish I’ve never seen that many pitch get one place it was like a fish tank way too crowded big fish like this big biggest one, and there’d be. So close, and then you’d be swimming through the fish, and they would just like pour as you swim we’re heading back now we did not ever actually see manatees up close we saw their nose as I told you earlier we saw the noses, and fins of dolphins, and a million fish when I was snorkeling. So even though we didn’t find manatees I think that this is like one of my favorite things that I’ve done recently or on my trip, and it was my best time circling ever.

So it was just. So awesome. So it’s about a mile walk now, and heading back, and I think we’re going to get something to drink which I am really looking forward to Kendall I think you need a bigger knife today is my last day in the u.s. all right, and right now out on my mom’s mom what do you call this again mom this Oh nah alumni is the word for it look how gorgeous it is look there’s my beautiful mall, and rich is having some coffee it is also the most beautiful sunrise right now. So we’re just sitting here, and reading the Sun Rise. So pretty such a great way to start the day, and yes I wear a Star Wars shirt to bed.

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