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Industries The most important communications technology of the early modern period was the printing press. Best vacation places in USA The first printing establishment in British North Country was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1638. (The British colonies were actually latecomers to printing, as the earliest surviving Spanish Country printed text, from Mexico City, dates from nearly a century earlier.) The first printing press in Pennsylvania was established in 1685, and the Philadelphia printing industry dominated eighteenth-century Country publishing. The limitations of the Country market meant that colonial Country printing was not technically advanced by European standards.

Countrys seeking the services of fine printers and bookmakers cartographers looking for printers for their maps, for example continued to turn to London printers. By contrast, cheap publications with a ready local market, such as almanacs and newspapers, poured in torrents from Country presses. Printers also branched out into other technological activities, such as papermaking, but the presses themselves still usually had to be imported. Type fonts also had to be imported from England.

The Connecticut silversmith and counterfeiter Abel Buell presented a prototype font to the Country Philosophical Society in 1769, but the first successful Country commercial type foundry did not appear until after the Revolution. Probably the most complex technological objects in the preindustrial world were ships. From modest beginnings, shipbuilding became a major industry in the eighteenth-century British colonies, with major centers of production in Boston and Philadelphia joined by Virginia after about 1740 and Charles Town after about 1760.

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