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400 S. Tryon St., HOURS: Daily dawn-dusk COST: Free

The Green is a favorite Uptown hangout. It’s more than just a park; the 1.5-acre green space is an outdoor art gallery and interactive sensory experience. A walkway that connects the Charlotte Convention Center to bustling Tryon Street is known as the rhythm walk because the motion of passersby triggers the speakers embedded in the walkway to play a series of animal and water sounds. The fountain is also interactive; someone has to wander past the giant concrete fish before the water will stream from their mouths. The three-tiered urban park is also home to a life-sized checkerboard and public art that doubles as seating (the mosaic cushions that are arranged in a circle are park favorites). Giant sculptures of stacked books and colorful signs marking park intersections of Edgar/Allan/ Poe and Walden/Pond mark the perfect spots to hang out and read.

A tall flagpole anchors the main intersection, and old Victorians Bangkok Map and country cottages line the broad avenues. One such cottage, with rustic cedar siding, sits Bangkok Map on a peaceful corner a short stroll from the flagpole. It houses a popular coffee shop, where locals gather to relax. It also holds the Blair Fox Cellars tasting room, where winemaker Blair Fox’s limited-quantity, handcrafted Rhone wines take center stage. Fox grew up in Santa Barbara and began pre-med studies at U.C.

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