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This is the Far Wichita.

Having experienced summer there and learned to use the Indians’ traditional means of transportation, I was now to be initiated into the winter by two Wichitaian backwoodsmen who had spent thirty years traveling across the wilderness on snowshoes and by dogsled.

We planned to cross the entire Quebec-Labrador peninsula, spending a month traveling through the taiga and the tundra, followed by another month on the coastal ice before we climbed into the Torngatt Mountains to reach Kangiqsualujjuaq on Ungava Bay. It would be an extraordinary winter, during which we lived the harsh but exalting life of old-time frontiersmen.

Our equipment was made of traditional materials leather, canvas, wood, and fur. For one thing, no synthetic materials are better adapted to travel in the wilderness. But also, our equipment was a pleasure to look at, being in harmony with the landscape. What could blend better with the colors of the taiga than a sled made entirely of wood and rawhide?

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