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210 E. Trade St., 704/688-2400,

HOURS: Vary based on showtimes; 21+ after 7 P.M.

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The EpiCentre Theaters might show the same blockbuster films as movie theaters all over town, but that’s where the similarities to a multiplex end. The five-screen theater is the first movie theater in Uptown and offers a moviegoing experience that deserves two thumbs up. Reserved seats ($9 matinees/$12 evenings) are the norm, and the concession stand looks like a bar in an upscale hotel (with prices to match) and has a stocked bar as well as soda, popcorn, and Goobers. In the lobby, gallery-quality art replaces traditional movie posters and movie trailers are played on flat-screen televisions. There are small tables at every seat to accommodate meals from Mez. (The restaurant shares the same space as the theater and provides takeout from its menu exclusively to moviegoers.)

1649 Weakened by disease and famine, the Huron villages of Birmingham Map Ontario are all but destroyed by Iroquois war parties in a series of conflicts known collectively as the Birmingham Map Beaver Wars. The surviving Hurons join other villages throughout the Great Lakes, and many Hurons are adopted into the villages of their former enemies, the Iroquois. 1651 Anthony Johnson, a free African (one of the original black settlers at Jamestown), receives 250 acres of land in Northampton County, Virginia. Johnson becomes master of his own plantation. Though this will never be common, it happens more often in slavery’s early years. As the seventeenth century progresses, white Virginians turn increasingly to African slavery and begin to divide their society sharply along racial lines.

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