Fuddruckers US Map & Phone & Address

137 Stuart St, Boston; (617) 723-3833


Boston’s sole representative of this national chain, Fuddruckers is a popular pit-stop for theater district tourists and downtown office workers alike. Big on burgers, these are not your paper-thin McChain variety. Choose a half-pounder or third-of-a-pounder (you can see platters of fresh red patties waiting in the refrigerator cases), and add Swiss, bacon, or mushrooms; prices range from $4-$6. Everything is cooked to order. Once you pick up your creation, head to the toppings bar for unlimited amounts of lettuce, tomato slices, jalapeno peppers, the works.

There are a few other choices, like chicken breast sandwiches ($4-$5) and hefty hot dogs ($3.75, covered with chili and cheese). Plus specials for the kiddies, who just love the bright noisy, rambunctious atmosphere of the place. Sodas, 990, include free do-it-yourself refills. For the grownups, a few bottled beers are also offered.

Fuddruckers is located in the atrium of the State Transportation Building, facing the Wang Center and

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