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The recent anti-Muslim sentiment can be traced back to the 1990s in Australia when attacks on political correctness became routine and multiculturalism was beginning to be rolled back (Poynting 2008). The language and discourse of multiculturalism became haram (forbidden) for the then Prime Minister, John Howard. Racism and resentment was made acceptable, particularly so in some quarters of the city, especially in the outer suburbs of some major cities where cars and utility trucks sported bumper stickers that raged, Fuck off we’re full, Love it or leave it’ and Bugger multiculturalism, support an Australian identity, suggesting Australian identity cannot claim diversity.

The outburst of bigotry and a feeling of grievance from some quarters in the country was aided and encouraged, by religious fundamentalism and right wing minority parties’ (Jupp 2002: 134). More recently, the threat of terrorism and those seeking asylum has contributed to a certain undertow of resentment.

Nelson the boy who makes my fire, blacks my shoes Colorado Springs Metro Map , does errands, &c. was early in my room He made me a vast fire Colorado Springs Metro Map , blacked my shoes, set my room in order, and wished me a joyful Christmas, for which I gave him half a bit. Soon after he left the room and before I was drest, the fellow who makes the fire in our school room, dressed very neatly in green, but almost drunk, entered my chamber with three or four profound bows, and made me the same salutation; I gave him a bit, and dismissed him as soon as possible. Soon after my clothes and linen were sent in with a message for a Christmas box, as they call it; I sent the poor slave a bit, and my thanks. I was obliged for want of small change, to put off for some days the barber who shaves and dresses me. There were at table Mrs.

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