I’m sure, you guys all recognize is this familiar building it is a leaning tower of pisa stop many leading towers and, this is really only. I know of, it’s still standing yeah we there’s a there’s a wine bottle bet going on. So whoever can think of the craziest photo did, you cuz see how everyone’s like holding their hands up.

And stuff that thing to do here is to do the weird holding up the building photos we’re gonna try to do some of our own she has got some crazy ideas. I don’t let’s go spot no. We’ll think of something.

ANNOYING TOURISTS Florence Italy Photo Gallery

I got fast camera shutter. I think, you can do something with that, this is actually ridiculous, you have mounted people holding their hands up from this tower not going like this yeah squish it squish it squish it Bonjour no. And welcome to Florence Italy what for ingestion is for this was at the birth of the Renaissance restaurants if you no it was a movement or a period of time.

And which was a rebirth of art. And culture. And sculpture.

And all these other craziness unfortunately some of the museums that are here in Florence that have all these amazing art galleries. And paintings. And sculptures are actually what they won’t let me film.

And – there’s really long lineups for them because we didn’t know this, but like Tuesday, it’s really been engaged with the museum. So unfortunately we’re not able to see any of the paintings. And sculptures the very beginning Michelangelo’s in 1501 of it seeks to make this statue Loren’s normative have a statue riveting this was conceived as sugar pan similar screen like the Statue of Liberty for the sea of Florence.

So David versus Goliath was supposed to be something like freedom versus tyranny Florence brushes the Medici family. So since we couldn’t actually get tickets to see the real David your importance we’re just gonna take some photos of the fake David really good replica. And apparently, this is the exact spot that David was actually placed on.

So, it’s pretty much best yet. So, it’s almost as good as the real thing you’re so close, but yet.

So so far these statues looks like Allende blue next to Gerard Butler images of Texas who’s this guy on yeah, it’s the other one Just Cause front of it yeah yeah. I broke it Brad Pitt’s a bit whoever. I looking these days hello sorry now you’re sitting on me pairing to have the best at least me very good skill your stake all right verdict about steak ever hey stop on our tour feeling is gelato mia really close on the race treaty right now like the best gelato you’re in ilium for it.

And it wasn’t Florence we’re gonna like oh yeah 48 hours yeah this is. So good it is oh my gosh, it’s like the creepiest gelato is gelato Brad. So delicious.

I was, you have to have them close did, you get chocolate vanilla. And chocolate chip Armand okay bachchi. And something Hazen are, you oh.

I’m busy a deal. I got started shell stretch Athena is it started shell your shirt. I think it was stressful Tina but.

I think. I should leave the tribal tonight then. I got like a chocolate.

And then. I got almond add 20 L. So don’t worry.

I’m good okay step down again one stair is really hot hi oh gosh look at the paintings. And the stone if you look at that top ring, you actually see that the the images look like they’re 3d like they actually look like, it’s like they’re statues. And they’re coming up to you, but really they’re just paintings as well, you can see that, this is amazing she’s totally worth hiking all the way up those stairs before, you degree Wow, this is check out Florence adding a top history standing on top of history you’re just going to do things are all leather from something to all the own toys, you see the letter is for 100% genuine leather we always need to look at the back of the leg what is Jimmy gonna have this way like this one here which is really hard.

And expensive to reproduce. And the faith looks like this one like velvet is very soft queries to live in churches the gin that. I tried to fly hey good evening guys.

So tonight we are in for a very special delicious treat we are here in a tuscan villa the Italian countryside for a feast of not one not two, but three or four or five, but six courses know what six verses are. I didn’t know what, you do for six courses, but we’re gonna have some very delicious Italian food oh my gosh. I feel like all done today though which.

I am completely okay with Xu night, but no spoon our name everybody now. I don’t even know what number horse were on anything. I’m guessing it fine you’re fine, it’s gotta be at least, it’s definitely for No.

I Oh you. ?

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