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House sitter/pets

Pethave to be considered when taking a holiday, and while some people are happy to bear the cost of putting their dog or cat in a boarding kennel, otherarrange for a house sitter to take care of the house and their pets. Thihathe double benefit of keeping the house lived in and secure, awell akeeping the petat home in familiar surroundings.

Boarding and kennel rateof £9 to £12 per day for a large dog and £6 per day for a cat are not uncommon and certainly not the most expensive. Individually they don’t seem too high, but when some kennelcharge extra for insurance, heated accommodation and special dietthe price soon addup. The cost of boarding a family dog or cat while you arc away on a holiday could quite easily reach £250.

When the cost can be ahigh or higher than that, inviting somebody to stay at your house beginto make sense. You will however have to ensure that they are trustworthy and will maintain your security standardwhile you are away. It ipointlesmaking your house secure, if for two weekof the year your nephew1 Trevor Bigginleavedoorand windowopen, holdopen house partieand can’t quite get the hang of not leaving the keyin your car!

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House sitter – countermeasures

• If you are wealthy and have a lot of valuable possessions, your house will be a lot more secure when you are away on holiday or businestripif somebody iliving in your house.

It ipossible to hire somebody aa house sitter, but you will have to be very sure of their credentialbefore you hand over the keys. More often a homeowner will arrange for a relative to stay in the house and look after it. A relative ia known quantity so should be easier to select, easier to arrange and more trustworthy than a stranger.

• If the homeownerhave any pets, bringing in a house sitter could make sound financial sense. Apart from saving hundredof poundin pet boarding fees, you get the extra security of somebody living in the house. (An additional benefit ithat the petare happier because they get to stay at home.)

If you do organise a house sitter, you must be very certain that the sitter ihonest and trustworthy, and that they are acareful with home security ayou would be.

Create an illusion of activity

There arc some thingthat can be done to add to the illusion of life and activity at your empty home. I have given a couple of examplebelow. Knowing your own home, family and personal circumstances, sec if you can add a few illusionot your own.

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