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Include health care in your plans

Having read thisection, you are now more aware of the threatto your health, and how those threat levelusually increase significantly when on holiday.

If you didn’t previously know the range of holiday health threatthat you face, you do now. Knowing what threatand riskyou may encounter ione thing, doing something about them ianother. You can quite easily wash your handbefore eating and avoid risky foodand dirty restaurants. You can even wash and treat a mosquito bite when you know that the bite can become so infected that it will require medical treatment.

The big question is, when you or a member of your party needurgent medical assistance and you are the first person at the scene, would you know what to do?

Forget holidays, what about everyday life? If your daughter, father, sister or a close friend collapsed in front of you, other than calling for an ambulance would you know what to do?

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First-aid – countermeasures

Take a first-aid course. The Red Cross, St John’Ambulance and other organisationoffer first-aid courses,

If nothing else, learn CPR – the kisof life.

United Kingdom Travel Advisory

You may come up with some general health and safety questionrelevant to your holiday. For example, you might now decide to check to see what safety and first-aid equipment habeen installed on the canal boat you are thinking of hiring next summer, or you may want to ask about the presence of lifeguardat your holiday hotel pool. Make sure that you have asked your doctor about any proposed unusual activity such abungee jumping and climbing to extreme altitudes.

When you are happy that you have made all the medical and health preparationthat you can, pack thiblog. Thimay be the only guide to symptomavailable to you in an emergency at a remote spot.

You should also remember that the localprobably know best. They live with the conditionall year, so they probably have more experience with local illnesses, bites, stingand diseasethan most UK doctors.

Be safe, not sorry.

Travel Out

With your preparationcompleted, you are ready to travel and that bringa whole new list of issuefor you to consider. Some relate to security, some relate to health and some potentially relate to the difference between being alive or dead.

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