How to Travel in Santorini

Hey from Santorini today I am going to oil kind of at the northern tip of the island I am so excited to be going there I have to go to fira first where I was yesterday on the bus again, and from there again another bus.

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So yeah I am leaving now very excited and, I’m going to try not to get any more sunburned today okay okay I’ve just gotten off of the bus I went the opposite direction of the rest of the tourists, and don’t really know where um it was a beautiful bus ride from fira if you’re in santorini i definitely recommend that you do that. Because it was just stunning the bus was driving over the mountains, and the views were just absolutely incredible i did want to tell the bus driver though to please maybe keep his eyes on the road there was a lot of joking around going on between him, and his friends, and he’d be like turning like this as he goes over these sharp mountain cliffs. But got here safely. So glad that I brought a shawl, and sunscreen today it’s extremely loud expected it to be way more crowded than this. But these streets here are quite empty just finished having lunch great met some people from South Africa, and they were trying to convince me to go, and get another place I want to visit and. So now on the map I found that I am by these ruins of a Byzantine castle. So, I’m gonna walk over there, and the Sun thankfully is behind the cloud just good.

Because I was getting really really hot this looks like storybook town or something. So, I’m on these kind of brick walls, and pathways overlooking the sea it said that no one was allowed here. But there are people here, and they’re clearly stairs leading. So I just went. So those are actually the Byzantine castle ruins all the way down there I think I don’t know how to get to this they look pretty far away seems like the perfect I love how they’re in. So many staircases twisting around you everywhere, and these little narrow streets like mazes except with stairs it’s a great place to explore it expected it to be. So crowded here, and there’s really no one decided to do the thing where the fish your feet or the kissing fish there just might be don’t really know why did that kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision the fish were really cute I don’t know how to describe how it felt it wasn’t really ticklish it was more like pins, and needles.

But a very mild actually soothing form of that if that makes any sense new experience just walking with this view I really don’t know how there’s no one here the town is so empty it’s nice I might head back to fira soon, I’m gonna watch the sunset there I know that famous to watch the sunset, and we have. But I have to take two buses home scenery in fira is also gorgeous. So, I’m going to see the sunset there. So I’ve gotten back into Farah just going to find somewhere to relax, and wait for the sunset. So unfortunately there was no sunset in here tonight. Because it is so cloudy behind me is the supposed sunset. But it is still incredibly beautiful here at this time of night, and the lights are just starting to glow in the hillside. So, I’m gonna do we’re exploring now this. So gorgeous.

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