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Traveling on and off for the last five years one could say that I’ve been on a lot of planes and through a lot of airports, so, I decided to give you guys and girls my best airplane and airport tricks tips and hacks Always check in online. There are three huge reasons why you should do this first things first is if you are on a long-haul flight older planes don’t have plugs some airlines let you know what seat up bugs in it plugs are important so you can choose the seats that have the plugs. The best rule of thumb is to pick a seat at the very front of the plane because those generally have a higher chance of having a plug Also if you have a tight connection choosing a seat as close as you can to the front make sure that you get off the plane first, which can add 5 to 10 minutes, as opposed to if you were in the back of the plane this is a huge difference if you were in that position where you are running for your flight + sometimes airline carriers over booked seats.

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North american airline carriers. Which means that even though you paid for your plane already, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you have a seat on your flight Yes, so by checking it online you kind of get first dibs at seats Now if you are like me and you like to get your food first when you board a plane order a special meal these are of course dietary requirements, specific meals meaning that you will be giving up a certain food group like meat or dairy or like kosher or low fat but the benefit is that you get your food first so if you can live without a certain group you get your food first and in a huge plane this can be the difference of like 15-30 minutes You can also pack snacks, however if you are packing things like fruits or nuts make sure you eat it before you d board your plane and go through customs in whatever foreign country you’re in, because sometimes they have restrictions on certain foods coming in Don’t buy a black bag Seriously, don’t buy a black bag.

Now I’ve had my luggage lost a few times down the first thing they ask you when you lose your luggage is to identify what your bag looks like. If you tell them it’s a black bag well good luck because that’s them trying to identify your bag in a big pile of bags if yours is the black bag it is going to be way harder to find then if it’s something that really stands out Also make sure you snap a photo of your luggage before you board this helps a lot with identifying what your bag looks like Four wheeled suitcases are always better than two wheels suitcases trust me, pushing your suitcase is going to be a lot easier than pulling a two wheeled suitcase Bring an empty water bottle you can take it through security and then once you’re past security you can fill it up at any of the free water fountains they have, and you have liquid that’s not ridiculously overpriced at an airport. Dress in layers Now airports have a “Katy Perry” problem aka, they are hot when you were going through the airport and when you first get on a plane and then they are freezing cold once you were on the plane. It is best to dress in layers so you can take clothes off you take clothes on depending on what temperature you want to be. Yes I personally love wearing some sort of hooded contraption like a hoodie you might call it or something that I can put over my head When your plane gets cancelled or something goes wrong the number one tip I can give you is don’t get mad, get sad. if you were yelling at airport staff that’s just like in a situation really, that’s not going to want to make them want to help you I mean I completely understand situation I’ve been, I’ve been there. I’ve been frustrated, I’ve been tired I’ve been pissed off, but yelling at other people does not get you anywhere at the airport they’re just going to go sorry nothing I can do.

Whereas if you try to make them sympathize with you if there are a lot of other people having a horrible situation and a lot of other flights being cancelled you know we’re probably gonna look a little bit more favorably in your case this is personally led to me getting free flights rerouted it’s led to me not paying excess baggage fees it’s led to me getting a preferred choice of hotel and extra meal vouchers even when I didn’t even need a meal voucher just being nice and patient and also crying, crying kind of If you can do it you’re gonna pull off the crying, but not the tears Seriously crying people you know Also for more complex issues it’s all about who you talk to at an airport. Front counter check in staff can only do so much but there are customer service people and there are office people, there are a lot of different people that work for an airline that can help solve your situation on various levels you know what I’m saying. They can make things happen The higher the person in charge the better your chances also if you are currently waiting in line like a big huge line, and you’re like everyone else’s planes been canceled, try calling in the airline even if you’re in line try calling in the airline because sometimes that can be a lot quicker than waiting in the line to talk to a service rep Get lounge access now this can be a whole video in and of itself on different airline alliances and how to get a frequent flyer miles but basically the gist of it is once you get to a certain level you get lounge access and it’s wonderful basically lounge access is free Wi-Fi, it’s comfortable seats and its snacks Pretty good deal if you’re going to be in an airport for several hours and a layover you know, lounge access it’s quite nice.If you don’t have a frequent flyer miles and you cannot actually get lounge access try to see if you can pay for lounge access That’s right, certain lounges allow you to pay a fee to access the lounge is usually like twenty-five to fifty dollars Now of course you have to determine if it’s actually worth the lounge.

I would say unless you have a layover of at least an hour and a half to two hours or more then it might be worth it to pay for the lounge access. If it’s anything less than that then you can probably find something else to do with your time and save yourself the thirty to fifty dollars Also if your airport doesn’t have free Wi-Fi you can always sit outside of a lounge and kind of you know cypher off their free Wi-Fi, yeah, Nadine’s recommendations. You never need to be the airport three hours before your flight unless you are flying like on a super busy holiday at the biggest airports on the middle of the day we do not need to be there for three hours before, two hours is usually fine for international or domestic flight 2.5 if you are a busy airport and you need to go through customs as well as security because security doesn’t take as long as you have to go through customs and security but really two hours is what I usually do, and I’m always fine with that If you are running late for a flight i.e., your flight is already boarding or is about to board tell somebody, tell somebody.

You are waiting in line for security let one of the, the control I don’t know what they are called, but like one of the guards that are there know that your flight is boarding or is about to board because they can put you through magical priority lines that get you through security like that if you have a fight that is boarding or is about to board, like really tight schedule, so just ask them Also don’t forget to ask your fellow travelers if you are already in line ask the people in front of you, hey look explain to them the situation my plane is about to board or it’s currently boarding at the moment could I please just go ahead of you through security lines. Now this is kind of a mixed grab bag because obviously depends on who it is that you’re asking but people let me through before. I’ve seen this happen many times before unless those people themselves are late for a flight they’ll generally just let you through because if they’re not in a hurry then it doesn’t really matter to them. Don’t be afraid to ask airline staff directions if you are lost what’s the quickest way to get places. I have done this many times before I’ve asked them what’s a good place to eat or how do I get to this terminal or how to get to this. They’ll help you. Don’t be afraid to ask what I’ve been told crazy shortcuts for some of the busiest airport to go through like parking lots in these weird alleys, sounds sketchy, but it got me to my gate a lot faster than I thought if I just follow the signs into the normal way So yeah, that’s it. If I happen to miss anything else that you guys and gals have discovered on your travels please let me know down below in the comments. Yeah, thank you so much for reading don’t forget to comment to my blog for more tips and tricks and happy flying. Bye.

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