Map of Cu Chi Vietnam

Hey guys. So right now we’re at the coochie tunnels which are basically the tunnels that the Vietnamese soldiers use during the Vietnam War or the color apparently American War go JC u CH.

I’m the surname of the village here. And now is it one suburban district belong to Ho Chi Minh City and, you can see the map here. I will give, you some information about this area.

Map of Cu Chi Vietnam Photo Gallery

So, you can understand a little bit about the Vietnam War or neck. And were clear indeed 1954 to 1975. So we linked many hidden bunkers in this area together.

So under growl at this error right now still have the tunnel system and. I will show, you one of the entering of the hidden bunker right now. So every 15 to 20 meter long, you can see when entering now to the tunnel as well because the at nighttime the local people they came to this area.

And they filled only 15 to 20 meter long and. I want to tell, you this one not original size of the tunnel up the engine to see medical tourists see the people here soldier in the old day they opened this one. And they put the lid on the way up.

So after going down. So they can hide them. So easily.

And because it not really the only one hole anymore. So from here, you can see the tunnel system as well, you can see the secret tunnel. I purposely use the business made this in society yeah that’s romantic about, you yet, you spray the arms.

And then, you came down everybody can stand in a visually impaired. So compare how small did it used to be yeah, it’s about two that two-thirds yeah extensive are all the tunnel system like how many kilometers do everyone well okay guys. So this one is a lot admit it will be trapped here, but actually no fancy be all day yeah there’s a fence around a beautiful thank, you guys.

I feel like we should definitely go in here rosin around it yeah oh and. I lost. I put my keys here aren’t we Sparky.

So, you put it again over. And can’t close all right, you see, this is outside on its FML that actually is a real air hole real arrow here, you can see a lot in this area every 15 to 20 meter long, you can see one entering or even gotta see the arrow. And they dress outside light it to my mouth Oh that’s right hours okay coming yeah oh, this is okay that was.

So intense. I tried like home if. I didn’t like get the national oh my god and.

I let’s just kind of started flailing those no hi guys cool -. I swear your hand, you took the hat off my head besides my balls Oh No oh good job guys awesome yeah awesome. I’m sweating a little bit inaudible yeah yeah you.

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