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A couple of factors contributed to the end of quarrying at the Kettle River site. One was the lack of quality stone. Second, steel and concrete became popular building materials, thus reducing the demand for stone.

Concrete ruins like the Rock Crusher Building, the Power House, and the Stone Cutting Shed stand among the trees of a second-growth forest, silent reminders of the quarry site. The drip of water seeping from cracks in giant sandstone walls, the wind in the trees, and the roar of rapids have replaced the noise of stream-powered drills, blasting, rock sawing, and hammering.

And from thence the road to the Indian countries is the Mumbai Map Tourist Attractions same from Albany as it is from Montreal. Besides these difficulties in the transportation, the French Mumbai Map Tourist Attractions labour under greater in purchasing of the principal goods proper for the Indian market; for the most considerable and most valuable part of their cargo consists in strouds, duffils, blankets, and other woollens, which are bought at a much cheaper rate in England than in France. The strouds, which the Indians value more than any other clothing, are only made in England, and must be transported into France before they can be carried to Canada. Rum is another considerable branch of the Indian trade with the French have not, by reason they have no commodities in Canada fit for the West India market. This they supply with brandy, at a much dearer rate than rum can be purchased at New-York, though of no more value to with the Indians. Generally, all the goods used in the Indian trade, except gunpowder, and a few trinkets, are sold at Montreal for twice their value at Albany.

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