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HOTELS. Grand, 222 Victoria, 37 Lilleskogen Turistheim, 42 Holms Motel, 54 b.

The former county town of Larvik is set attractively on the Norwegian S coast. To the S of the town the Larvikfjord runs inland; to the N is a 20 km (12 mile) long lake, the Farrisvatn.

Larvik has two mineral springs King Hikon’s Well, a spring of sulphurous saline water marketed under the brand name Farris, and a chalybeate spring. The town does not, however, operate as a spa. Larvik was the birthplace of the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl (b. 1914), best known for his voyages in the balsa-wood raft, Kon-Tiki from Peru to Polynesia, and also in the papyrus boat, Ra (1969-70) and the reed boat, Tigris (1978).

SIGHTS. The central feature of the town is the Market Square (Torget). To the NW, on the outskirts, is a magnificent beech forest, Bekeskogen (extensive views from hill; 1500-year-old cemetery), NE ofthe forest is the district of Farris Bad (beautiful park).

On Herregardsbakken, to the SE of the town, is the HerregSrd, a large wooden manor-house which was the residence of the Counts of Larvik from 1670 to 1680. It now houses the Municipal Museum. To the S, beyond the railway, is the church (1674-7), which contains a portrait of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder (tothe left of altar). From the church there is a fine view over the fjord.

NW of the church, in the old Custom House on the harbour, is a small Seafaring Museum. Storgata, parallel to the railway line, runs W to the Bodkerfjell, a hill with far-ranging views. Here there is a private museum with material on the ironworking industry of Larvik, which was of some consequence between 1640 and 1868 (oven plates, casting moulds, etc.).

SURROUNDINGS. 7-5 km (5 miles) S is the seaside resort of Stavern (Wassilioff Turisthotell, 50 Auserod Pensjonat, 66 b.), with a fine church (1756). In the churchyard is the grave of the writer Jonas Lie (1833-1908) and his wife. 7 km (4J miles) E of Larvik is Tjelling, where there is another interesting church (Romanesque, with a Renaissance pulpit and a Rococo baptistery; font, c. 1700).

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