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MEDICAL ASSISTANCE ON THE ROAD. Health care in Western Europe tends to be quite accessible and of high quality. All EU citizens can receive free first-aid and emergency services by presenting an El 11 form (available at post offices).

If you are concerned about access to medical support while traveling, contact one of these services: GlobalCare, Inc. (US ® 800-860-1 111;, which provides 24hr. international medical assistance and medical evacuation resources; or the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT; US®716-754-4883, Canada®416-652-0137;, which has free mem-bership, lists English-speaking doctors worldwide, and offers detailed info on immunization requirements and sanitation. If your regular insurance policy does not cover travel abroad, you may wish to purchase additional coverage (21).

Those with medical conditions (diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, heart conditions) may want to get a stainless-steel Medic Alert ID tag (first year US$35, US$20 there-after), which identifies the condition and gives a 24hr. collect-call number. Con tact the Medic Alert Foundation (US® 888-6334298;

For emergencies and quick info on health and other travel warnings, contact a passport agency, embassy, or consulate abroad; US citizens can also call the Over seas Citizens Services (US®202-647-5225; after-hours US®202-647-4000).

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