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FOOD- AND WATER-BORNE DISEASES Unpeeled fruit and vegetables and tap water should be safe in most of Western Europe. In Southern and Eastern Europe, be cautious of ice... Read more

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ONCE IN WESTERN EUROPE ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS Heat exhaustion and dehydration: Heat exhaustion can lead to fatigue, headaches, and wooziness. Avoid it by drinking plenty of fluids, eating salty... Read more

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ONCE IN WESTERN EUROPE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE ON THE ROAD. Health care in Western Europe tends to be quite accessible and of high quality. All EU citizens can receive... Read more

Belgium Subway Map

ONCE IN WESTERN EUROPE USEFUL ORGANIZATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS. The US Centers for Disease Con trol and Prevention (CDC; US ® 877-394-8747; maintains an international travelers’ hotline and... Read more


The settlement established in 726 AD joined Brabant at the end of the 11th century, and in 1291 had the freedom of the city. In 1315 Antwerp became... Read more


It started with a castle on the Zenne island in the 10th century and already had a fortified wall in 1100. This protection was transformed into a commercial... Read more


Since the world exhibition of 1958 the Belgium capital is the most important meeting and work center of the institutions of the European Economic Community. The EEC Council... Read more


The ‘City of Diamonds’. Antwerp with its population of 700,000 is the second largest city in the kingdom of Belgium and lies on the east bank of the... Read more