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Hepatitis B: A viral infection of the liver transmitted via bodily fluids or needle-sharing. Symptoms may not surface until years after infection. A three-shot vaccination sequence is recommended for health-care workers, sexually-active travelers, and anyone planning to seek medical treatment abroad; it must begin six months before traveling.

Hepatitis C: Like hepatitis B, but transmitted primarily through exchanges of blood. IV drug users, recipients of blood transfusions and tattoos, those with occupational exposure to blood, and hemodialysis patients are at the highest risk, but the disease can also be spread through sexual contact or by sharing items like razors and toothbrushes that may have traces of blood. Rabies: Transmitted through the saliva of infected animals; fatal if untreated. By the time symptoms (thirst and muscle spasms) appear, the disease is in its terminal stage. If you are bitten, wash the wound thoroughly, seek immediate medical care, and try to have the animal located. A rabies vaccine, which consists of 3 shots given over a 21- day period, is available but only semi-effective.

Having here discharged the Ordnary for self and Guide; as Belgium Map Tourist Attractions I understood was the custom, About Three afternoon went on with my Third Guide, who Rode Belgium Map Tourist Attractions very hard; and having crossed Providence Ferry, we come to a River wch they Generally Ride thro’. But I dare not venture; so the Post got a Ladd and Cannoo to carry me to tother side, and hee rid thro’ and Led my hors. The Cannoo was very small and shallow, so that when we were in she seem’d redy to take in water, which greatly terrified mee, and caused me to be very circumspect, sitting with my hands fast on each side, my eyes stedy, not daring so much as to lodg my tongue a hair’s breadth more on one side of my mouth then tother, nor so much as think on Lott’s wife, for a wry thought would have oversett our wherey: But was soon put out of this pain, by feeling the Cannoo on shore, wch I as soon almost saluted with my feet; and Rewarding my sculler, again mounted and made the best of our way forwards. The Rode here was very even and ye day pleasant, it being now near Sunsett. But the Post told mee we had neer ? miles to Ride to the next Stage, where we were to Lodg. I askt him of the rest of the Rode, foreseeing wee must travail in the night.

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