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Pattaya is located just north of the equator, bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos. Pattaya remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. Tourists can windsurf, water ski, swim, sunbathe, snorkel, sail, or take trips to offshore coral islands. Pattaya’s main beach is at Jomtien, which runs for a distance of about 5 kilometres. Among the other superb sites to be visited are the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, and the Pattaya Park Tower hotel & Water Park. A curving 4 km beach on the Gulf of Thailand, South Pattaya is the hub of Pattaya nightlife with shops, department stores, boutiques, beauty salons, supermarkets, bars, discotheques, restaurants and nightclubs.

Much of its Pattaya’s success lies in its reputation for offering vibrant entertainment in a laid-back resort ambiance, with its infamous nightlife of Go-Go bars and Beer Gardens galore. As far as Go-Go bars go, all roads lead to Walking Street in South Pattaya, as well as having good quality seafood at a reasonable price this area.

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Pattaya has become a Mecca for single men seeking paid companionship of young Thai girls. The town is infamous for the quality of good looking inexpensive women, whom excluding Brazilians, are quite possible the most enthusiastic and best performing women in the sack. Recently, the city has made efforts to change its image with the addition of more legitimate attractions like golf, horse riding, water-parks, convention centers and grand botanical gardens. There is a bit of everything for everyone in Pattaya now. That’s incredibly interesting guys…

We’ll settle for choreographed nude line dances and $50 orgies in our $25 hotel suite.

Climate :

Pattaya lies within the humid tropics and remains hot throughout the year. There are three seasons: the cool season from November to February, the hot season from April to May and the rainy season from June to October. The best time for visiting is between November and February. During these months, it is not too hot and dry. From March to May the country is hot and humid. Tropical with three distinct seasons. Temperatures range from 77 to 95 degrees year round.

Entry Requirements :

Principal airports are Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, U-Taphao (Pattaya).

Airport tax: International 500 baht; domestic 20 baht.

Visa Requirements: None required for most visitors, for visits of less than 30 days if traveling for pleasure. Visits longer than 30 days require a visa. Airport check-in times: International – 2 hours. Domestic – 45 min Electricity: 220 volts, 50 cycles. Many hotels have 100-volt outlets for electrical devices.

Time: GMT + 6hours. YYC 1800 = Bangkok 0600 the following day. Getting to Pattaya :

Pattaya does not have a commercial airport. The closest airport is in U-Tapo, which is a half hour drive from Pattaya. At the moment, there are no scheduled flights between U-Tapo and Bangkok. Fly to Bangkok Airport. From Bangkok it takes 2 hours by Bus to get to Pattaya. Use the air-conditioned buses. Bangkok Ekamai Bus Terminal has coaches leaving every 30 minutes from 5.30 am to 9.00 pm at a nominal fare of 90 Baht. The trip is a comfortable 2-hour ride and the bus terminal in Pattaya has plenty of waiting Song Thaews for transfers to the hotels. It is similar from Pattaya to Bangkok; from the bus station a bus leaves every hour or so. You don’t need to buy a ticket in advance, you can easily get one at the bus station for about 70/80 baht. Taxi from B to P should run you 300 baht. Airport limo site. (

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