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I hope however, that the Errata will be in England Portugal Metro Map time enough to be published with the Work; and I thank you for sending them to me Portugal Metro Map . I have corrected the Book accordingly, and given it one Reading; but it is not a Piece to make sudden Remarks on, as one might of a Poem or other Performance on common Subjects.

I must read and consider it yet more attentively; at present I can only tell you, that some Things in it please me exceedingly; some I do not yet clearly understand; and one or two Positions I think wrong; of all which you shall hear more fully in my next. On the whole it gives me great Satisfaction, when I consider it as a Work that will not only improve Philosophy, but do Honour to Country.

I am sorry I have not, as you expect, anything new to communicate to you on the Subject of Electricity. My Time and Thoughts have of late been much engag’d in other Matters: And ever since I heard of your being furnish’d with an Apparatus, I have hoped rather to receive Information of new Discoveries from you, than expected to send you any.

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