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Fortaleza, the capital town of the State of Cear, has been for many years one in all the foremost fashionable destinations of Brazilian tourists. In recent years, the celebrity of Fortaleza has been gaining the planet, and also the range of Europeans, North and South Americans travellers returning to Cear has grownup quick.

Caciques dressed far more elaborately, especially for ceremonial occasions. Fortaleza Map Tourist Attractions They had brilliant cotton capes embroidered with parrot feathers; carved gold-and-pearl-embellished masks, crowns, and pendants; and elaborate belts. While all the other Tainos sat on the ground, caciques sat on elaborately carved and polished wooden dujos (ceremonial seats). Caciques had elaborately decorated canoes, too, some of which could hold hundreds of people; when on land, caciques were often carried about on litters. Some caciques were buried in caves, which were frequently decorated with petroglyphs and pictographs, or at other prestige burial sites.

Their corpses were accompanied by elaborate grave goods, among which might be the buried-alive body of a favorite wife. Taino cultural development was abruptly halted with the arrival of the Spaniards, Africans, and their animals all brought along germs and viruses to which the Amerindian peoples had no inbred immunities. Disease combined with exploitation caused a drastic decline in the Taino population. An estimated 90 percent of the original 2 million died within two generations. Today, descendants of those Tainos who survived are attempting to make a comeback. Lynne Guitar See also: Caribbean (Chronology); Native Country-European Conflict; Native Countrys.

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